Easter bunny jars tutorial

Easter bunny jars DIY

These bunny jars by Hobbycraft aren’t just adorable, they’re also ideal for storing all the chocolate eggs and sweets that will inevitably fill your kitchen cupboards come Easter. Plus, they’re a unique way to bring spring to life in your home, and lots of fun to make.

You could even take things a step further and decorate a selection of jar sizes to create a gorgeous family of bunnies.

All you need is a couple of craft essentials and a few Hobbycraft supplies. If you take a look online or pop into your nearest Hobbycraft store, you’ll discover an amazing selection of crafty bits and pieces to get creative with all your DIY projects.

How to make it…

Easter bunny jars DIY materials

You will need:

Craft essentials

Hobbycraft supplies

Step 1

Easter bunny jars DIY

Start by making the bunny ears and nose for your treat jar. On a foam sheet, draw around an ear shape. Repeat to make the other ear.

Step 2

Easter bunny jars DIY

Draw a nose shape onto the same piece of foam as the ears.

Step 3

Easter bunny jars DIY

Using scissors, cut out the ears and the nose. Make sure to cut two small lines at the bottom of each ear, so you can fold it later.

Step 4

Easter bunny jars DIY

Using a different colour foam, draw around a smaller ear shape, and repeat, before cutting both shapes out.

Step 5

Easter bunny jars DIY

Using the tacky glue, stick one of the smaller foam ear shapes into the centre of one of the larger foam ear shapes, and then repeat to create the second ear.

Step 6

Easter bunny jars DIY

Take the craft jar lid and, using the hot glue gun, stick one of the faux flowers onto it. Repeat with another flower and a bit of foliage, making sure they’re all facing the same direction and there’s enough space for the ears to be glued behind them.

Step 7

Easter bunny jars DIY

Now fold the bottom of an ear so it can be glued onto the jar. To do this, take the two outer flaps and fold them so one is on top of the other, then stick together. Repeat for the second ear.

Step 8

Easter bunny jars DIY

Stick the flat bottom of one of the ears onto the jar lid behind the flowers, holding it in place until the glue dries and it can stand up. Repeat with the other ear.

Step 9

Easter bunny jars DIY

Next, using the hot glue gun again, stick the nose onto the jar.

Step 10

Easter bunny jars DIY

Finally, using the permanent marker pen, draw a pair of eyes above the nose along with a few whiskers either side of it.

To finish off, fill your bunny jar with lots of yummy Easter treats and enjoy!


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