Easter bunny gift ideas and DIYs

Not long until choc munching time! Take a peek at these Easter bunny gift ideas and decorations from around the web inspired by the crochet bunny project in Mollie Makes 38 

Here’s a tip if you’re having a stressful time planning your Easter party: just type ‘bunny’ into Pinterest. Seems there’s nothing a litter of cuddly bunnies can’t solve, right? But before you go all gooey on us, take a look at these sweet Easter crafts.


The first of the Easter bunny gift ideas we’ve collected for you is this fab Easter garland (top-left) by Fellow Fellow. Wouldn’t it make a fab decoration of your festive burrow?

Secondly, there’s no easier hack for an Easter party then making these jars full of Manu’s Menu marshmallow pops (top-right). We don’t even have to describe the tutorial, you can see from the picture. That’s how simple it is.


Our free Easter Gift Guide includes a needle felt bunny brooch project. It’s one of the cute Easter bunny gift ideas that you can give to party guests or wear over the long weekend. Hop over to the Mollie Makes app to find the free Easter tutorial.


Our fave of all Easter bunny gift ideas is this adorable small specimen in a leather pocket. Is there something more adorable? Take a tour around Sweet Bestiary’s Etsy shop and you tell us. And if you want to get to know the sculptor Flor Panichelli better, we interviewed her about the little creatures she makes.


The best thing about Easter must be Easter egg hunts. That’s why we finish this short listicle of Easter bunny gift ideas with this mini treat bag to excite the tykes by Everything Emily. You can make more of it and along with the regular stash, you can dot your garden with a few of these bunny treat bags as well.

bunny gift ideas - bunny treat bag