Easter Monday mini-makes

If you’re at a loose end today and you want to work off some of those scoffed Easter egg calories, roll up your sleeves and get your craft on. We discovered two sweet as chocolate ideas over the weekend, an Easter chick garland and bunny lid storage jars…

From the top, this adorable pompom and chick garland is a super-simple make designed by Vivid. You could make a string of these chick in just a few minutes and they look so cute! Take a trip over to Vivid for the full DIY guide.

And below the chicks. These, well, aren’t they spesh? These funky bunny jars make us want to hop with joy! They’re a great way to present mini eggs or just to have on show in a pretty range of colours. Ridiculously simple to make too. Pop over and meet Torie Jayne to learn how to make them on her blog.