Easy floral nail art tutorial

Some of the best fabrics we’ve ever thrifted are ditsy floral fat quarters, they’re so special that we’ve created a nail art tutorial inspired by them. This is almost as quick as the confetti nail art tutorial, it’s simple, and don’t worry if you have shaky hands, this nail art design is very forgiving.

You will need:

• Clear polish for base and top coat
• Colour polish for the background
• Colour polish for the flower (dark shade)
• Colour polish for the flower (light shade)
• Colour polish for the flower centre
• Colour polish for the leaves
• Toothpick for flower detail

Floral nail art step 1

Step 1
Paint a clear base coat on each nail. This will fill in any uneven areas and give your nail a smoother finish when you’re done. Now paint your background colour over the top (two coats) and leave to dry.

Floral nail art step 2a

Step 2
Using the darker shade of nail polish for the flower, dab a few spots on each nail spacing them out a bit. Create a blossom shape by dabbing on the same spot a couple of time. Don’t worry about whether it’s perfectly shaped or not.

Floral nail art step 3a

Step 3
Using the lighter shade of nail polish for the flower, dab a spot just off centre of the dark one.

Floral nail art step 4

Step 4
With the nail polish for the leaves, create a couple of leaves for every other flower. This is easier to do with a flat brush. If you’re using a round brush, remove excess nail polish from the brush on the neck of the bottle then paint the leaves.

Floral nail art step final

Step 5
All that’s left to do now is paint a clear top coat over your nail art once it’s dry and you’re ready to rock your 90s floral skater skirts!