The sustainability series: 7 eco crafts for kids

kids in forest

We all know that looking after our planet and living a more sustainable lifestyle is a top priority, but how do we get the younger generation involved? Well, we’re big believers in play, and of course craft, so why not teach kids about the planet by crafting with natural and recycled materials? Here are 7 eco crafts for kids that are not only fun but also educational.

Once the little ‘uns are happily crafting, pick up a copy of issue 103 and follow our Pinterest board to find more easy ways to live a  sustainable lifestyle. You can also keep your hands busy with our #molliestashchallenge DIYs.

1. Wall hangings and mobiles

Eco crafts for kids mobile

Nature-inspired mobile. Photo credit: Fine Little Day

Making wall hangings and mobiles from foraged finds is a great way to not only get the kids outdoors, but also create something gorgeous and unique for the home. We love Fine Little Day’s mobile and all you need to get started is just a few scraps of string and a stick or some wire. From pine cones and feathers to twigs, ferns and leaves, the possibilities are endless with this natural project. Why not add some wooden beads or a pop of colour to your creations?

2. Nature crowns

Eco crafts for kids crown

A nature crown fit for your little king or queen. Photo credit:

Entertain your little king or queen with their very own handmade crown, just like Melissa’s from Mama Miss. Simply glue together a paper headband and let them design it with whatever they can find in the garden. Fresh or dried flowers make for a fun, colourful crown, or keep it simple with lots of twigs!

3. Seashell painting

Eco crafts for kids painted shells

Make colourful hand-painted shells. Photo credit: Home Hacks

After enjoying a day out at the beach, grab a few seashells and take them home for a creative painting session. We love Home Hacks’ stripy colour palette but you can get adventurous with patterns, designs and even mini scenes. Use them to brighten up your home, hang them on a string to make DIY bunting, or add them to your natural mobile.

4. Leaf masks

Eco crafts for kids leaf mask

Whimsical nature masks. Photo credit: Mother Natured

Transform your kids into mini forest dwellers with Mother Natured’s simple yet effective mask made out of leaves. Take time scouring the garden or nearby park for a variety of fallen leaves before gluing them onto a paper mask shape.

5. Recycled tin windchimes

Eco crafts for kids recycled tin windchime

Windchimes using recycled materials. Photo credit: A girl and a glue gun

Turn your rubbish into treasure by making a wind chime from of old tin cans, just like Kimbo has done. Leave the creative decorating to the kids, then hang the recycled tins from a stick or hoop and let them do their thing. Bright paints, beads or tassels can be added to make them extra jazzy and musical.

6. Miniature weaving looms

Eco crafts for kids mini looms

Gorgeous mini weaving looms. Photo credit:

This is the perfect activity for an older child who enjoys taking time out to sit down and craft. Start by making a small DIY loom out of string and a piece of cardboard (with a stick to hang it from). Scraps of fabric and yarn can then be woven without the use of a needle, making for a relaxing and satisfying project. Mix things up with a variety of colours and textures just as have done here.

7. Leaf printing

Eco crafts for kids leaf printing

Bold leaf prints. Photo credit: Meaningful Mama

Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with Meaningful Mama’s good old-fashioned leaf printing DIY. Use a selection of different leaves to create a variety of shapes and textures, and let kids go wild with vivid colours to produce a nature-inspired masterpiece. Caution, this could get messy…


Whether it’s foraging in the forest or making nature-inspired creations, the kids will be forever entertained with the endless eco craft opportunities that are waiting right outside your door. Get outside, get inspired and go green!

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