How to make embroidered notebooks

embroidered notebook

Use embroidery to add colour and personality to a plain, old notebook. Make a whole set of embroidered notebooks for all of your organisational needs!

embroidered notebook

This simple tutorial is oh! so cute, and you might just have everything you need already (or buy supplies here).

You will need:

• A plain card/paper notebook

• Embroidery thread in a variety of colours

• Embroidery needle

• Scissors

• A pencil

• Drawing paper

Step one:

embroidered notebook
Pick a notebook with a sturdy cover that’s strong enough to support a needle and thread. The cover should be blank so you can add your own design.

Step two:

embroidered notebook

Practice doodling your cover design on a separate piece of paper until you’re ready to draw it on the cover. Experiment with different sizes of type, and doodles with basic shapes so you can embroider along the outline with ease.

Step three:

embroidered notebook

Using a pencil, draw your design on the notebook cover. Cleanly erase any smudges before you begin embroidering.

Step four:

embroidered notebook

Take the needle and poke holes through the cover that are evenly spaced around the outline of your design.

Step five:

embroidered notebook

Select your embroidery thread colours for the design.

Step six:

embroidered notebook

Get a length of embroidery thread and tie a knot at the end. I typically use two or three strands of the standard six-strand embroidery thread. Change the thickness to suit your design.

Step seven:

embroidered notebook

Embroider your design using a backstitch. Bring the needle up through the first hole and down through the second. Bring the needle up through the third and back down through the second. Repeat this process all the way around.

Step eight:

embroidered notebook

When you change colours, weave in the ends by running the needle and thread under a few stitches. Tie a little knot for extra security. Use the scissors to cut the excess thread.

Step nine:

embroidered notebook

Continue embroidering your design being careful not to rip the cover.

Try out different styles and colour combos to make gifts for friends, family… or yourself.


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Tutorial by Meredith Crawford, a 20-something knitter, crafter, blogger, and lover of colour who finds joy in creativity.


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