Embroidery patterns: firework hoop art

Fireworks embroidery pattern design

Forget firecrackers, whip up your own fireworks display with our free embroidery design by Mollie Johanson

Brighten up your walls with a bouquet of embroidery hoop art and create your own display on Guy Fawkes’ Night. There are three free embroidery designs which you can download here, all you need to do is choose your thread – neons work best!

You will need:
• Tissue paper
• Pen
• Pins
• Embroidery hoops: 3″, 4″, and 5″
• Dark grey or black wool felt: 2 standard sheets or 7″ x 20″
• Variegated embroidery floss in several colours
• Embroidery needle
• Black acrylic paint
• Paint brush

Step one
Trace the pattern onto tissue paper. Place the felt into the embroidery hoop, then pin the traced pattern onto the felt.

Fireworks embroidery pattern design step 2
Step two 
Stitch through the felt and tissue, following the pattern, using running stitch, backstitch and French knots wrapped once.

Fireworks embroidery pattern design step 3
Step three
When all the stitching is done, tear away the tissue paper, being careful not to tug at the stitches. If bits of tissue remain, use a needle or tweezer to remove them.

Fireworks embroidery pattern design step 4
Step four
Remove the embroidery from the hoop, then paint the outer ring. Take extra care around the area with the metal fastening. Paint several coats until the paint is even and has a flat finish.

Fireworks embroidery pattern design step 5
Step five
After the paint is dry, place the embroidery in the internal hoop. Trim around the felt, leaving a small border and clip the felt to make small tabs. Glue the tabs down along the inside of the hoop.

Fireworks embroidery pattern design step 6
Step six
Cut a length of floss to form a hanger. Loop floss through the screw on the hoop, then tie the two ends together, and that’s it! Now you can hang your display and enjoy the show.

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