Fabric Friday: Popping, whirling, sparkling fireworks

Put on your heels party heels, it’s Fabric Friday! This week, fireworks have been filling the skies and it has left a distinct smell of bonfire and crackers in the air. We couldn’t resist but to end this week with the popping, whirling and sparkling of fireworks once again.


[Clockwise from top left] We love Firework Delight’s classic, sketch print by Creative Brenda. This diamond shaped firework display resonates throughout the Mollie Makes office – one of our favourites! With this dreamy fabric design, the idea of living on the hilltop watching Fairy Tale Fireworks can become a reality. Now where’ve we seen pinwheel fireworks before? This Fireworks Pinwheels Navy print would be fantastic as a little 50s party dress.

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