Fabric Friday: Stripes

Fabric Friday Stripes

Stripes are a timeless design: never out of fashion, though rarely praised. This Fabric Friday pays homage to the rules of marvel. Thank you stripes – both horizontal and vertical.

Fabric Friday Stripes

Classic streak

[Clockwise from top-left] Kicking off the collection is The Needle Shop’s Knitting Stripe: a stripy textile parading around as a chevron pattern – oooh, crafty! And when you think stripes can’t get posh enough, House of Hackney fashions a few aristocratic animals over the top of Midnight Stripes. A classic stripe, the power line, we present Lotta Jansdotter’s Wide Stripe. This purple and pink Sunset Colorway print, by Robert Kaufman, reminds us of drawing on white washed walls as children – not nearly as neat, but just as creative.

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