Felt patisserie: Custard slice pattern Mollie Makes 76

Save yourself a trip to the local patisserie and whip up a batch of these decorative bakes instead.

Inspired by the delicate art of French pastry making, Christine Leech of Sew Yeah has designed a colourful selection of felt cakes and petit fours that are much easier to master than their fiddly baked counterparts. Flick to page 18 in Mollie Makes 76 for the patterns to make the cake slice, fruit tart, macaron religieuse and macarons.

Waiting for your copy of Mollie to arrive? Enjoy this additional tutorial to make a custard slice! 

How to make a felt custard slice



You’ll need:

• Dark green, lime green, light green, light yellow, orange, white, light brown and yellow wool felt
• Matching embroidery thread
• White, black and light orange embroidery thread
• Soft toy stuffing
• Compass
• Scallop shears
Templates from Mollie Makes 76

Making the banana slices


Step 1
To make the bananas slices, cut two 2.5cm (1″) diameter circles for each slice – we made six slices in total. On one circle, embroider the banana pips using orange thread and French knots, then place the two circles with RS together. Using yellow thread and blanket stitch, sew around the outside to join the circles, then backstitch on the central markings.

Making the mandarin segments

How-to-make-toy-food-_-Play-food-_-Felt-Food-_-Mollie-Makes-76-_-Step-2a How-to-make-toy-food-_-Play-food-_-Felt-Food-_-Mollie-Makes-76-_-Step-2b

Step 2
To make the mandarin segments, cut two side pieces and one middle piece for each segment from the orange felt, using the templates – we made three. With matching thread, sew the two side pieces together along the shortest edge, then sew the middle piece and one of the side pieces together along one long edge.

How-to-make-toy-food-_-Play-food-_-Felt-Food-_-Mollie-Makes-76-_-Step-3 How-to-make-toy-food-_-Play-food-_-Felt-Food-_-Mollie-Makes-76-_-Step-3b

Step 3
Sew the other long edge of the middle piece to the remaining side, leaving a gap for stuffing. Stuff, sew the gap closed, then embroider the segment details using light orange thread and lazy daisy stitches.

Making the kiwi slices

Step 4
To make the kiwi slices, cut two side pieces from the lime green felt, two centre pieces from the light green and one edge piece from the dark green felt for each segment from the green felt, all using the templates.

Step 5
Using white thread and backstitch, sew the centre pieces to the side pieces, aligning the bottom edge of both. Embroider the kiwi pips around the centre pieces using black thread and French knots. Sew together as per the mandarin segments.

Making the cream


Step 6
To make the cream, cut two of each icing shape from the white felt using the templates. Layer the large, medium, then small pieces on top of each other, then sew along the straight edge, pulling the stitches tight as you go to help the shapes fan out.

Making the custard slice and assembly

How to make toy food | Play food | Felt Food | Mollie Makes 76 | Step 8

Step 7

To make the custard slice, cut a 8 x 5cm (3 1/8 x 2″) rectangle from white felt, one from light brown felt and three from the yellow felt. Cut two 26 x 1.5cm (10¼ x 5/8″) rectangles from the light brown felt and two 8 x 5cm (3 1/8 x 2″) rectangles from the card.

Step 8
Using blanket stitch and white thread, sew one long edge of the light brown felt strip around all four sides of the larger light brown rectangle to create a box shape. Place a piece of card in the bottom, stuff, then sew a yellow rectangle to the top to close the box.

How-to-make-toy-food-_-Play-food-_-Felt-Food-_-Mollie-Makes-76-_-Step-9a How-to-make-toy-food-_-Play-food-_-Felt-Food-_-Mollie-Makes-76-_-Step-9b

Step 9
Repeat Step 8 using the remaining light brown strip and the white and yellow rectangles. Place the first slice with the yellow felt facing up, then sew on two banana slices so they hang over the edge. Add the remaining yellow rectangle on top, then sew two more banana slice on top. Layer on your final slice with the white felt facing up and sew in place.

Step 10
Sew the two cream pieces to one short edge using the main image as a guide, then sew your remaining fruit on top to decorate.


Find all these felt patisserie patterns in Mollie Makes 76. Make ’em then show & tell using #molliemakers on social media.

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