Festival photography tips

Get the DL on festival photography, read our top tips for taking photos at night. We tell you what to pack, how to get the best shot and lots more photography tips for capturing your favourite moments this summer. Side note: Isn’t this Lomography Diana camera customised by Beci Orpin incredible?

Do your homework
Get the gig list and check out the stage to find the best best spot and angle for photos. Of course you’ll have to be ready to stick around a while to secure it, but that’s part of the fun, right? If you’re not bothered about getting band pics find a atmospheric spot in the crowd to capture the energy. Colour, pattern and decoration are all things that’ll add rich frames to your festival photos.

What to pack
Other than the obvious weather related protection your camera might need, sun cream and sand are two things all cameras loathe. Carry a bottle of fresh water to rinse your hands after applying sun cream and keep your camera wrapped in a plastic bag and stored in the case to keep it free of dust. Batteries and spare memory cards are always a good idea!

Photography tips

1. Read the manual
If you’ve bought a new camera for the occasion, read the manual and get familiar with your new toy. Its a bit of an obvious one but we’re guilty of ignoring the how-to manual, too. But a bit of knowledge of how your camera works will make all the difference to the quality of your pictures in the long term.

2. Shoot in Raw
Choose to shoot your images in Raw. This means you’ll get better quality night shots and your images retain all the tonal information so you can correct white balance and exposures when processing your pictures.

3. Turn off the flash
Flash ruins stage lighting. For sharper snaps, set your aperture between f/8 and f/16. These settings result in a deeper depth of field and overall sharpness. Want sparkly starburst effects on the lights? Select a narrow aperture (f/22). Make sure you use a tripod if you can as any bit of movement blur the shot.

4. Turn off Auto White Balance
Auto White Balance strips out the mood transmitted though the lighting in the pic. Use your camera’s white balance presets such as Daylight, Cloudy or Shade to add warmth to your pictures.

5. Have fun with light
Play with light trails in your shots when the show’s over. Walk through the frame with a torch or sparklers wearing dark clothes so you don’t show up in the shot.

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