The Handmade Fair – Kirstie Allsopp’s pick of the week: Bonbon Balloons

Kirstie Allsopp interviews Handmade Fair pick of the week, Bonbon Balloons to find out more about the idea behind the business from Rebecca Moyster

“The great joy in putting together an event like The Handmade Fair is the people I get to work with. Everyone coming has a story to tell, something to teach, and we can all learn a thing or two. I want to share as much about our experts and the people selling their wares so you too can get as excited about all of this as I am.” – Kirstie Allsopp

Rebecca Moyster is the brains behind Bonbon Balloons and will be holding a workshop at The Handmade Fair in the Papercraft Skill Workshop Tent, sponsored by Hobbycraft at 11:30am every day, teaching you how to make pretty paper garlands.

Bonbon Balloons confetti filled balloon

What was the inspiration behind setting up Bonbon Balloons?

I started working on the concept in August 2011 after leaving my full time job as a Product Developer at Designers Guild. I knew I wanted to pursue my own creative. I thought of Bonbon when looking at some of my favourite Tim Walker images featuring very large round balloons. I just thought it was funny how you didn’t really see these and when you usually see or think of balloons you think old fashion egg shaped balloons in a traditional arch style.

I then thought about the concept of adding something beautifully decorative to the usually neglected balloon string. I immediately thought this could be customised to every client’s theme or colour palette.

Bonbon Balloons wedding balloon decoration

I spent months playing and designed lots of different garlands to use with the balloons. It was trial and error getting the weight of each string so it worked with the size of the balloon and helium pull. I had never inflated a balloon prior to starting Bonbon Balloons so I had a lot of learning and practicing to do! The confetti balloon only came about the day before my first photo shoot for the website. I had been cutting up confetti to sprinkle on the floor in the images, and knocked a big bag of it off the desk by mistake. As I was picking it up, I thought “this would look great inside the balloon!” Three years on, this is our bestselling balloon type.

Bonbon Balloons paper garland

Bonbon Balloons balloon tassel ideas

Was it a hard decision to start out on your own? What was the scariest part?

Starting my own business is something I really wanted to do and at the time I was very focused and never really got scared about giving up my career to pursue this. It’s only now looking back that it scares me, thinking I started a balloon company knowing nothing about balloons, helium or never having inflated one before. I sometimes think I must have been mad!

I did see the bigger picture from the start and I guess I understood the gap in the market I would be filling and just went for it. I have also learned and keep learning from any mistakes I make.

Don’t miss Rebecca’s classes every day at The Handmade Fair

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