Hashtags to help you make a sale

Standing out from the crowd and getting noticed by potential customers can be tricky. However, by using focused hashtags everyone from crafters to small shop owners can increase their online presence leading to those all-important sales. We’ve rounded up the top ten hashtags to get the pennies rolling in…

“Hashtags help Etsy sellers to connect to a new audience, but ultimately, compelling content will make them click through, and hopefully convert into a sale – always make sure your shop URL is in your bio!” explains Natalie Wall, Etsy’s Social Media Specialist.

“It’s all about using the right hashtags, being selective and thinking about how people search for and discover inspirational content. By tagging with a few choice hashtags, users who’d never known you’d existed will find you.”

10 hashtags for craft sellers

@moonrisewhims for #buyhandmade

@moonrisewhims for #buyhandmade

1. #buyhandmade

The Buy Handmade Campaign was created in 2011 a response to the frustration felt by many designer-makers that their work wasn’t being valued. Six years later and the hashtag is still going strong and can really help get your makes discovered. #buyhandmade

2. #feelingfolksy / #folksy

Shout about being a Folksy seller on social media using #folksy or #feelingfolksy. Folksy’s Camilla Westergaard explains, “The idea is that anyone can share what’s got them “feeling Folksy” and if you click on it you get a snapshot of all the amazing makes that are going on in the world right now. It’s brilliant to see so many people using it already, as it’s still quite new.”

@imagination_illustrated for #justacard

@imagination_illustrated for #justacard

3. #justacard

When Illustrator Sarah Hamilton read the quote “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we’d still be open” she decided it was time to fight back. “The idea of the campaign was to encourage people to appreciate just how important every sale is,” explains Sarah. “The campaign has gone from strength to strength and just before Christmas we had a 1.7 million reach on social media. Artists, designers, shops and galleries can hashtag their artwork so people can find them.”

4. #crafthour / #craftbuzz

#crafthour happens every Sunday evening on Twitter at 7pm and is the perfect place for craft lovers to meet and share their latest creations. Like a weekly international exhibition, jam-packed with hundreds of crafters, customers, bloggers and businesses tweeting, retweeting, chatting, buying and selling, it regularly trends in the UK’s top ten hashtags. Use #craftbuzz when there’s no event on, so you can still create a buzz about your crafts! The team behind the hashtags, reveal, “We wanted to create an event and community that would bring crafters and customers together and provide a platform for them to confidently promote their work.”

@hanecdote for #smallbizsatUK

@hanecdote for #smallbizsatUK

5. #smallbizsatUK

Not confined to crafters, this hashtag actually started in America and proved so successful it went across the globe. Not only can it help promote your business to a wider audience, but gives you business tips to boot. #smallbizsatUK

6. #RemadeHour

Perfect for all the upcyclers out there, #RemadeHour takes place on Twitter every Wednesday ay 8pm so you can promote and network with other upcyclers and find inspiration too.

@marionsmithdesigns for #stationeryaddict

@marionsmithdesigns for #stationeryaddict

7. #stationeryaddict

Attract fellow notebook obsessives with this hashtag, that can be used all year round as well as alongside National Stationery Week at the end of August – including #WorldStationeryDay on 27 April. #stationeryaddict

8. #EtsyUK

There are a whole host of hashtags to get Etsy sellers more involved. “As Etsy is so vast, dedicated hashtags can help potential buyers narrow down their search by category or country for example #EtsyWedding and #EtsyUK are very popular,” explains Natalie Wall. “There are lots of Etsy hashtags, like #EtsyFinds, #ShopEtsy, #EtsyLove and many more, but they are heavily saturated with posts. The best strategy is to think about how a potential customer would search to find you and be selective. By using a mix of relevant hashtags that are both big and small in popularity, along with an Etsy-focused hashtag, sellers can maximise their potential to be seen by new customers.”

9. #shopindependent

With more and more people wanting to support small local businesses, you can find hundreds of potential customers by including #shopindependent with your posts. Add #shopsmall or #buylocal to appeal to those who want to support makers and make sure you hashtag your location too.

@_jujujust_ for #makersgonnamake

@_jujujust_ for #makersgonnamake

10. #makersgonnamake

#makersgonnamake is fast growing in popularity and is used on both Twitter and Instagram. Also check out #favehandmade or #handmadeisbetter to spread your message even further.


Taking part in craft seller hashtags we’ve not mentioned or want to tell us about one you’ve started? Show and tell using #molliemakes.

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