Hear me roar “resolutions!”

Helen Martin, editor of Lionheart magazine

Our columnist Helen Martin is strengthening her resolve to keep her 2018 resolutions. She tells us how.

New Year's Resolutions column from Helen Martin, editor of Lionheart magazine

A chinking of glasses, off and online hugs, and a cyclone of declarations. Reader, it’s January, a time of goals, resolutions, hopes and dreams. It may be the end of the month but resolutions are still very much on our minds.

I’ve spent cold and frosty January mornings walking with friends and listing my desire to cut down on cheese, chocolate and cake. My main intention for the year though is always the same — it’s to broaden my horizons. It sounds vague but stay with me here. Yep, I’ve scrawled some resolutions on my fancy new stationery, but my main aim is to experience something different and to feel a thrill with each new journey I take. By keeping your world open everything becomes far less enormous and instead a sweet possibility, an opportunity. The potent cocktail of frustration and joy found in a challenge, the eye-opening awe of seeing somewhere new. For me, broadening my horizons is all about discovery and adventure. I want to see more of the world, meet new people and learn new skills. I’m going to say yes to things that scare me and be open to possibilities.

I plan to take a short course with clay (specifically pots), knit a blanket for our new baby, and improve my drawing skills with my illustrator friend. I’m big time challenging myself this year by running a workshop, talking about content and hoping to engage attendees in the art of storytelling. The fear is very present, but I’m also excited. There’s no going back now!

Mollie Makes columnist Helen Martin wants to broaden her horizons this year

I know we can all achieve our intentions for 2018, even if our resolutions aren’t going well so far. The end of January is the ideal time to strengthen our resolve! Here’s how I think we can achieve our goals this year:

Stay motivated

Get yourself some stationery and write down your intentions. Use a highlighter and washi tape to brighten up your list and make it more creative. If you’re feeling brave, share it with others. Openly commit and invest yourself.

Mollie Makes columnist Helen Martin wants you to stay motivated with your New Year's resolutions

Create a vision board

Get crafty and create a vision board to refine your focus and help your ideas bloom. Add some inspirational pictures to your board — it could be something that sums up a look, style or feeling you’re aiming for.

Take it slowly

If you’ve set yourself a craft project remember that it might take time and that you’ll learn and grow along the way. Be open to tangents and unafraid to embellish your project as time passes.

Mollie Makes columnist Helen Martin offers advice to keep your New Year's resolutions — choose a word to encapsulate your mood and motivation for the next

Choose a word of the year

People all over social media are choosing a word to encapsulate their mood and motivation for the next 12 months. Pick a word and it’ll help you push yourself in unexpected and exciting ways, in your crafting and outside of it. My word of the year is nourish.

Pitch an idea

Always wanted to run your own crochet class, host a book club or send your ideas for a novel to a publisher? Then get outside of your comfort zone and do it!

Live within the seasons

Since moving to a new house with a view of towering trees — as opposed to a flat with a view of a neighbour’s car — I’ve noticed the psychological benefits of observing and living within the seasons, watching them change and appreciating their intricacies. The seasons are so inspirational too, particularly when it comes to crafting.

Make micro goals

Break down your big goals into micro goals and enjoy the process of achieving them. Mini goals are much less daunting and help you feel you’re getting one step closer to your dream with each goal you tick off.

Explore more

Go out to be inspired. Watch a play, visit an art gallery, walk around a new part of town, explore the coast. It’s refreshing, entertaining and nourishing for the soul.

Connect with others

Actively make an effort to meet new people. Ask that person you admire on Insta for a coffee, attend a networking event or try out a new craft workshop. Connecting with new people will help you grow. 

Take it easy

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our aims and gold-tinted visions but remember to take it easy. Don’t become overwhelmed in a world that is increasingly busy and pushes us for perfection and production. Focus on self-care so you don’t burn out. Live well and do it naturally, incorporate it into your daily life. Think art galleries, coffees, dinner parties, yoga, writing and walks. And don’t forget to spend some time alone.

If this year brings a journal packed with adventures, a healthy dollop of zen, a bouncing baby, and some of my ambitions realised, I reckon that’s pretty alright. Whatever happens, I’m keeping an open mind and expanding my horizons. So come on 2018, let’s do this. You with me?


Helen MartinAbout Helen

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