How to host a Big Comic Relief Crafternoon

How to host a Big Comic Relief Crafternoon: a crafty get-together for you and your friends, family or as many makers as you can cram into the kitchen/diner for Red Nose Day.

We LOVE to think of the lovely readers of The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon gathering together to hook, stitch or knit up their favourite patterns and perhaps organising a small sale of the things they make to raise some pennies in the process.

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Tips for organising your very own crafternoon:

Gather together with crafty friends

Ask them to fetch over their craft supplies or their current yarny or fabric projects and their copy of the Big Comic Relief Crafternoon. Let them know there will be cake; a dvd or two of bonnets, crinolines and breeches (perfect viewing for an afternoon’s making); and quilts and blankets to snuggle under for a sort of woolly craft cave. We have been known to change into jimjams and slippers for the full-on cosy crafternoon experience.

Patterns and a plan

You could concoct a crafty plan of action – think of what your strengths are and match them to fairly quick and easy projects that people would love to snap up at a possible handmade sale. Our felt chickens make ace quirky little presents, our crocus wrist warmers are perfect during these colder days, a Spring posy brooch would cheer any lapel and what about a couple of crochet-edged frames for the wall? A small gaggle of guinea pigs would be utterly irresistible and don’t forget face furniture! Everybody loves a knitted beard, a crochet nose and a floral ‘tache. Don’t forget your project templates.

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Cake is VERY important. It is essential crafting fuel. Top scientists have shown that more crafting happens when cake is consumed.*



Are you a wizard with a hook? Could you teach a friend to sew up some Lisa Comfort’s Molly dress? (The one in The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon you understand. Ahem). Yes? Well why not conjure a little crafternoon workshop? You charge for your teaching time and donate the handmade proceeds to our very own official Red Nose Day donation page. You could hold a workshop evening at your house for a few people who are keen to learn. If they come away with their first crochet coaster they’ll be cock-a-hoop and you’ll feel utterly brill after your lovely donation.

Sales and fairs

Once your crafternoons are over you may well have a little pile of stupendous handmade things that you could sell at a craft evening or small sale after school one afternoon or in the village hall. We have written a full guide to running a fair in our magazine so scoot down to Sainsbury’s and bag yourself a copy. (Find a store near you)

Most importantly

Have an ace time. We made this special edition to inspire craft, cake, companionship and cackling.

If you raise some money for Comic Relief as a result of your crafternoon then you will have helped to make things easier for those leading very tough lives indeed. Just think, £5 can buy a malaria net that can save a child’s life.

Written by Emma Mitchell

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*may not be true