Video: 5 embroidery stitches in one video

Got 5 minutes? Grab your needle, floss and hoopla ready – today we’re learning basic embroidery stitches with Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching

Video: Five Most Common Embroidery Stitiches

If you’re new to stitching, don’t be defeated by tangled thread or intricate embroidery patterns. Instead, check out this video tutorial by Jenny Hart, embroidery queen and the talent behind Sublime Stitching, to learn the five most commonly used embroidery stitches.

Learn how to:

  • Split Stitch, the favourite all-purpose stitch;
  • Back Stitch, for neat clean lines;
  • Stem Stitch, great for curved lines;
  • Running Stitch, used for dashed lines;
  • Satin Stitch, to fill in shapes.

It’s a super-handy guide if you’re hoping to ace the technique before whipping up your anchor purse (free with every print copy of Mollie Makes 42) or adding playful stitches to your black and white photographs.

Embroidery stitches guide | Mollie Makes 42 Sublime Stithcing anchor purse gift

Follow Sublime Stitching‘s video tutorial above to get you in the groove, or check out their website for more embroidery stitches.

Get the look: Sublime Stitching

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