How to make a bow tie

A bow tie is a really versatile and super-cute accessory for both guys and gals. What’s more, it’s really quick and easy to make. Donna from Spinsters’ Emporium reveals how to whip one up in a flash

Vintage wallpaper is a great medium to use for this project – not only does it come in some amazing colours, patterns and prints, but you can smell the history unravelling from the roll as you use it. If you don’t have any old pieces to hand, normal wallpaper samples are easy to come by. Alternatively, you can use thin card and adorn it with hand embroidery, washi tape and glitter instead.  

You will need
Vintage wallpaper or thin card, paper scissors, stapler, double-sided sticky tape, elastic or ribbon

Step 1 Cut a square 15cm x 15cm. Then snip a 1cm strip off the square’s edge and place it to one side. This will make the middle of the bow tie later.

Step 2 With the rectangle now lengthways, fold 1cm over to the back of the paper at both ends.

Step 3 Fold in half to make a centre fold line.

Step 4 Concertina approx 1cm at a time, on both sides, into the centre fold line.

Step 5 Turn over and pinch the centre of the bow. Use sticky tape or stape to secure the centre together.

Step 6 Measure a length of elastic or ribbon to either go around your head or neck and place it at the back of the bow tie.

Step 7 Wrap the 1cm strip of paper around the centre of the bow tie and elastic, secure with double-sided sticky tape. And you’re all finished!

About the author Donna is a British-based owner of the contemporary craft business Spinsters’ Emporium. Her website specialises in vintage fabric, wallpapers and haberdashery items.


Images © Mollie Makes and Spinsters’ Emporium