How to make a felt button

We don’t make any secret of our love for buttons here at Mollie Makes, but imagine how we felt (no pun intended) when we saw this sweet design by Cinti Gonzalez-Pell from My Poppet. It’s felt, it’s a button. Just wow! And we’ve invited Cinti over to guest blog for us and show us all how to make a felt button…

Here’s Cinti. She’s all the way from Oz. Take us through it, Cinti…

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the whole process of needle felting, this big button project is a simple place to start. Make one as a brooch or to add a finishing touch to a special knitting project, the possible uses are endless. Needles ready?

Needle felting is a technique where you felt together wool fibres using a special barbed needle. By sculpting the wool as you poke it, the possibilities of what can be made are endless.

Here I’ve made a large wool button that could be used on a knitted garment or as a brooch. Pay close attention to the pictures, as the images form part of these instructions. The finished size of the button will be approximately 3.5cm diam and 1.5cm thick.

1. You will need: Wool roving, a felting needle, foam pad, wool yarn to attach button

2. Take some wool roving and shape it into a round flat disk about 5cm diam and 2cm thick,

When you poke the wool it will firm up and reduce by a third of the original size.

3. Poke the wool with the needle and sculpt it into shape until it is firm and to the desired size.

4. Poke the disk a little more in the centre to make the classic button shape.

5. Needle four little holes in the centre of the button as a guide to sew the yarn through.

6. There you have it – cute as a button!

Cinti, that is so brilliant. Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us. Please make sure you pay a visit to My Poppet where Cinti leads a busy life sourcing gorgeous vintage goodies for The Poppet Shop, as well as her blog with loads of colourful crafting ideas.

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