How to make a felt flower

Felt flower by You and Mie

This felt flower tutorial is a beauty! With winter well on its way we think the best way to approach the frosty season is by covering our coats in these sweet little things. Cherie from You & Mie has a mighty fine tutorial on how to make felt flowers in five steps.

Felt flower by You and Mie

You’ll need:

Wool felt (or even a different fabric if you fancy)

A hot glue gun

A pin back


A needle and thread


Felt flower step 1

Step 1

Step 1 Cut the felt into little five-petal flowers. These will be the petals for the final flower. You’ll need four that are roughly about the size you want the finished flower to be. Then cut two more petals that are slightly smaller.

You’ll also need two circles – a big one that will be the foundation of your flower (make this and a smaller one that should fit inside the width of the pin back.


Felt flower step 1

Trim the circle into a five-petal flower

Here’s how to cut the five-petal flowers shapes. Cut the felt into circles that are slightly larger than you expect the finished flower to be. Then cut five little divots to make the petal shapes. If you want, you can draw the design on first with a pencil and then cut along the inside of the line.


Felt flower step 2

Step 2 part I

Felt flower step 4

Step 2 part II

Step 2 Now take one of your large petal pieces and fold it in half. Then fold it in half again so that it’s triangular in shape. Place the tip of the folded petal in the center of the foundation circle and stitch in place starting from the back. Don’t tie off or cut the thread, continue using it for the entire flower. Repeat with the other three petal pieces, arranging them so that they cover the entire circle.


Felt flower step 3

Step 3

Step 3 Now take one of the smaller petal pieces and place it on top (without folding). Secure in place by stitching it from the back, slightly off center, and then back down making sure the stitch is about a millimeter or two wide. When you pull the thread tightly, it will pull the center of the flower in and push the petals upward.


Felt flower step 4

Step 4

Step 4 Take the last petal piece, fold it in half and then roll it into a cone. Stitch in place by threading the needle through the center of the flower out toward the tip of the cone. Now fix the cone to the center of the flower. Repeat the stitch a few more times, then tie off and cut the thread at the back of the flower.


Felt flower step 5

Step 5 part I

Felt flower step 5

Step 5 part II

Step 5 Heat up your glue gun and adhere the pin back to the back of the flower. Use the smaller circle to hide those unsightly stitches by hot gluing it over the width of the pin back.
At this point you could adapt the shape of the flower and its petals by trimming it a bit. Then you’re done! Add it to anything for a fun finishing touch.

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