How to make an arm knitted lounger

Arm knitted lounger guide

Once you’ve read our guide to arm knitting blog post and brushed up on all your techniques, it’s time to practice your skills. Use Anne from Flax and Twine’s tutorial to create your very own arm knitted lounger for your home. Doesn’t it just look so comfy?!

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Arm knitting cushion pattern

  1. Using four strands of yarn and leaving a 3m tail, cast on 20 stitches. Knit for approximately 34 rows, or 137cm (54″), reserving 8m of yarn for seaming. Use a sliding knot to join each individual ball to the next as needed (these small knots will be buried in the strands).
  2. Cast off. Cut the remaining yarn, leaving a 1m (1yrd) length to seam this end.

Step 3

Arm knitted lounger guide Fold the piece in half lengthwise with the purl (bumpy) side out. Turn the end with the cast off edges towards you so the stitches are lined up side-by-side. Seam the end together by bringing the tail under the first purl bump inside the cast off edge on the left side, and then bringing the tail under the first purl bump next to the cast off edge on the right. Continue sewing the alternate purl stitches all the way up the short edge.

Step 4

Arm knitted lounger guide Turn the piece right (flat) side out. The process in Step 4 will have turned the cast off stitches to the outside for decorative effect.

Step 5

Arm knitted lounger guideUsing reserved yarn, seam together the long edge of the cushion using mattress stitch. Bring the yarn under the outer most leg of the stitch on the left side and then under the same outer most leg of the stitch on the right. Continue sewing alternating stitches from edge to edge and matching the edges row for row.

Step 6

Arm knitted lounger guideAt the end of the long seam, knot together the cast on tail and the seaming yarn. Keep this cast on end oriented so that the seam is at the top and middle of the piece (eventually this seam will run along the bottom of the cushion). This short end should remain oriented this way for seaming after the cushion is stuffed, as this final seam will run at right angles to the seam at the cast off the end.

Step 7

Arm knitted lounger guideThe shape of the cushion comes from twisting the stuffing within the shell. Wrap a cushion inner in the blanket. Twist the cushion inside the knit shell so that one end stands with the seam vertically, and the other end lays horizontally. Put any excess stuffing and blanket towards the back of the cushion to help it stand up, while keeping the stuffing thin and flatter towards the front to create a lounging shape.

Step 8

Arm knitted lounger guideCut and use your remaining seaming yarn to slipstitch the final end together. Working in-between the stitches, bring a loop of working yarn through both layers at the far right of the seam. Move one stitch to the left and bring a loop of the working yarn up through both layers of fabric and through the loop just made. Repeat across the entire seam. Weave in all ends.

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