How to make an envelope clutch bag

Clutch bags are great: they pretty up any outfit while safely housing your essentials inside. Learn how to make your own with the help of Vivid Please

You need

Two pieces of fabric, some pins and a pencil, plus a sewing machine or a needle and thread

Step 1 Choose two pieces of fabric the same size. We opted for a printed piece and one with stripes on. Since it’s fairly thin, we’ll be adding some interfacing between the two to stiffen it up; however, if you’re using a heavier fabric you should be okay without it.

Step 2 Pin the pieces together so you can see the patterns on both sides. Hem the bottom of the fabric – it’ll prevent fraying when you’re rummaging around in your bag.

Step 3 Fold and pin the bottom of the fabric about one third of the way up. Remember that your fabric should be inside out for this step so the seams are hidden. Sew the two sides together to meet the hemmed opening as shown.

Step 4 Turn your bag right way out and admire your handy work. Fold the two outer edges of the clutch’s top half towards the middle to form the envelope flap, then pin into place. Trim around the edges of your envelope flap so there isn’t too much excess fabric.

Step 5 Now it’s time to stitch the outer edge of the envelope flap. We used a contrasting thread colour to highlight our outlines, so you may want to do the same. Take care around the curved point as it can be a little fiddly.

Step 6 Next we stitched two diagonal lines to emphasise its envelope ‘look’. You could sew these on freehand or draw your lines in pencil (or fabric pen) and stitch over the top of them.

Step 7 Keep the clutch’s flap in place by adding a bit of velcro, a popper, button or perhaps even a magnet clasp.

Step 8 Head out and show your bag off!

Images © Vivid Please