How to make paper and tulle flowers

Parties, celebrations, and giant tulle flowers – a dream combination! We love these retro paper pom poms as they’re beyond easy to make and create amazing impact in a short space of time. Kate Bruning from Greedy for Colour shares her paper pom pom tutorial with us. Read more to find out how…

Paper decorations are definitely the way to celebrate in style – giant paper balls, garlands and big paper flowers are all an amazing way to get a hit of colour and instant impact. Meet Kate Bruning from Greedy for Colour, who’s popped over to show us how to make these gorgeous tulle flowers…

You will need:

Tissue paper (in two colours or single colour if preferred)
Tulle / netting

1. Cut two rectangles of each colour and two rectangles of tulle. The flower I have made used 38cm x 25.5cm sheets but it doesn’t really matter, just so long as the pieces are all rectangular and of the same size.

2. Lay the six sheets on top of each other. If you’re using colours, I tend to put the darker sheets on the bottom, lighter ones in the middle and tulle on top. However, living in the creative world we do, don’t let me stifle you. Line up their edges and begin to fold them back and forth in a concertina. My folds were about 3cm wide but once again, don’t let me rain on your parade.

3. Once the folding is complete, bend it in half like a fan and tie it tightly in the middle with string.

4. Snip the ends with scissors to make a petal shape.

5. Fan out one side into a half circle.

6. Delicately begin separating the layers, taking care not to ruin the pleats or tear the tissue paper. If this happens, don’t cry… I sort of just shove it back in and hope no one notices.

7. Continue separating and…

8. Lifting and zshoozshing (an extremely technical term that may or may not have or have originated just two minutes ago).

9. Unfurl the other side and continue in the same way, separating, lifting and zshoozshing.

10. Finally, scrunch and zshoozsh to manipulate it into a pleasingly floral shape. But once again, don’t let my need for a chaotic symmetry suppress your inner urges. If you want it to sprout in one particular direction, don’t let me tell you it is not regular enough. And you’re done. Tulle flowers for all, tulle flowers for any occasion.

Ta dah! Tulle flower complete…

Adorable! Thanks, Kate. We love these big retro tulle flowers. Make one or make a dozen and really go to town – they’re ideal for parties and adding a touch of drama. You can see more of Kate’s makes and passion for craft and colour on Greedy for Colour. For even more fab projects and creative inspiration make sure you follow us on InstagramTwitter, Facebook and subscribe to Mollie Makes.