How to make tin can lanterns

The Oxfam Fashion team explains how to transform tin cans into beautiful mini lanterns

Inspired by Oxfam’s Food Power and global GROW campaign, the Oxfam Fashion team is on a mission to reuse, recycle and re-love some of the often-wasted objects in the kitchen. Tin can lanterns are super-quick and easy upcycling project – they’re also guaranteed to brighten up long summer nights, barbecues on the beach or cosy meals indoors with friends (pizza optional!)

You need Tin cans, hammer, nail or screwdriver, marker pen, freezer, tea lights

Optional Wire and pliers

Step 1 Start by emptying your tin cans (we used our tinned tomatoes in a delicious spaghetti bolognese). Then peel off the labels and wash well in warm, soapy water. Take care with any sharp edges while doing this.

Step 2 Fill your tins with water and leave them in the freezer for a few hours. This prevents the cans from being dented later on in the process.

Step 3 Once it’s frozen, draw your simple design onto the can with a marker pen. Take your hammer and nail (or a screwdriver) and carefully start punching holes along the outline of your sketch. 

Optional step If you wish to make your lantern a hanging one, punch two holes in either side of the can, bend some wire through and secure.

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Images © Oxfam

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