How to make tiny pom poms


Project alert! Learn how to make mini pom poms with the help of Vivid Please. All you need is a fork, some wool and a pair of scissors to get startedIt’s a well-known fact that mini pom poms are way cuter than full-size ones. These little woollen treats look great stuck on carefully wrapped presents or stitched on slippers. What’s more, they’re really quick and easy to make. Vivid Please explains how to do it…


You need Wool, scissors and a prong-y fork

Step 1 Grab your wool and your prong-y fork. Wrap the wool around the outer two prongs until it gets really fat.

Step 2 When you are ready, cut the end of the wool and, using a new small piece or a little thread, bunch the wool together and tie it really tight to secure it. Do this in the middle of the pom pom in between the prongs to make sure it’s central.

Step 3 Take your wool off the fork and cut all the loops. Be sure to get them all, though, they are tricksy little strands at times! Then trim all the extra long straggly bits so your pom pom is nice and round. And, that’s it: you’re done!

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