Free knitting patterns: How to make welly warmers

How to make welly socks and warmers | Mollie Makes

One of the things we love most about winter style is when our woolly socks peek out over our boots. For knitting week we’re not wasting any time knitting the rest of the sock – we’re just making welly warmersWhether you’re wearing jeans, leggings or tights, just slide on your welly warmers, pull on your boots over your trusty socks and you’re ready to face the elements! We’ve used big needles, with chunky yarn using a simple rib pattern, and some easy seed stitch – so this project will be off your needles and into your wardrobe in no time.

How to knit wellie warmers | Mollie Makes

You will need:

128m (140 yards) chunky yarn

4 x 8mm (UK 0, US 11) double pointed needles

Stitch marker 2 x 11⁄4 –

11⁄2″ buttons Tapestry needle


K knit

P purl

PM place marker

St(s) stitch(es)

Inc increase

m1L with left needle tip, lift strand between needles from front to back. Knit loop through the back.

Leg Ribbing:

Step 1: Cast on 32 stitches onto a double-pointed needle.

Step 2: Divide the sts onto three needles by sliding them over from your cast on needle – you should have 12 sts on your first needle, 8 sts on your second, and 12 sts on your third.

Step 3: PM and join, making sure that your sts are straight on your needles and not twisted around them. It’s really easy to check this by laying your needles down to form a triangle and making sure all your cast on sts face the same way.

Step 4–5: Work a k2, p2 rib for 13cm (5″). If you want your welly warmers to extend longer down your leg, this is the section you’ll add length to. But remember – if you add length you’ll need more yarn.

Step 6–10 Inc Round 1: *K1, m1L, K1, then your rib pattern to end of your first needle; rep from * across your second and third needles [35 total sts].

Step 11: Work 4 rounds in new rib pattern – remember, the first three sts of each needle are knit sts.

Step 12: Inc Round 2: *K3,P2,K1,m1L, K1, then work in the rib pattern to the end of your first needle; rep from * across second and third needles [38 total sts].

Step 13: Work 3 rounds even in new rib pattern. Now the rib pattern on each needle starts K3, P2, K3, P2 to compensate for the increases you have made.

Step 14: K 1 round.

Step 15: Inc Round 3:*K4,m1L;

rep from * around all three needles tolasttwosts,K1,m1L,K1[48 total sts].

Step 16: If you want, you can rearrange your stitches so they’re nice and even on your needles. If you want to do this, it’s 16 stitches per needle.




Step 17: Round 1: Work in K1, P1 around.

Step 18: Round 2: Work in P1, K1 around.

These two rounds make up seed stitch. Rep Rounds 1 and 2 for a total of 10 rounds.

Step 19: Bind off all stitches loosely – be careful: if you bind off your stitches too tightly you won’t be able to fold the cuff over your boot. Cut the yarn, leaving a 15cm (6″) tail, and secure the end.

Step 20: Thread your 15cm(6″)tail through a tapestry needle and tie off the end by pulling it through the next stitches and closing up the small hole that’s left after your bind- off. Tie a double knot to make sure it stays secure.

Step 21: Weave in the end by threading your tapestry needle into 5-7 stitches down into the fabric of your cuff and pulling your yarn end through them. Cut off the remaining yarn end.

Step 22: Repeat this process for the yarn tail left when you cast on at the other end of your welly warmer.

Step 23: Flip down the welly warmer’s cuff over the ribbed leg section and attach a cute button.

Make the other warmer in the pair and slide them on to your boots for super-cosiness all winter long!