Needle felt tutorial: How to make cherries

Have you tried felting yet? Maybe you’ve seen our how to felt guide in issue 13 of Mollie Makes to make the felted doglets? If you’re new to felting and you’d like to practise before launching into Gretel Parker‘s adorable felted dogs, this guide to making felt cherries by Katherine Jalaty of Making Chicken Salad is the perfect beginner’s felting project…

A warm welcome to Katherine Jalaty from Making Chicken Salad. We’ll hand the reins over to her for now, so she can let us in on this fantastic beginners’ felting project. Over to you Katherine…

This is a quick needle felting project to spruce up any handbag or piece of luggage. It’s an ideal starter project, and great practice if you’re thinking of trying out the needle felted doglets in issue 13 of Mollie Makes. These fruity felt decorations are easy to make. Give them a go!

You will need

An 8″ length of leather cord (available from most jewellery making suppliers, or shoe repair stores)

Wool roving (natural and red)

Felting block and needles

Key ring finding

Green felt

To begin, fold your leather cord in half and, holding it in the middle of the key ring, pull the ends through the loop in order to secure it to the ring.

Tie a knot on each end of the leather.

Wrap a length of the natural coloured wool roving around your fingers to form a loose ball (about the size of a golf ball). Make sure there is a hole in the centre, as shown.

Slip one of the strips of leather through the middle of the sphere.

And use your needle to felt the wool into a ball shape. Watch your fingers, those needles are really sharp!

Repeat to create a second cherry…

Using a needle, adhere a layer of red felt to each cherry…

Cut two little leaves out of green felt and hot glue them to the back of your cherry stems.

And you’re done! These are really quick to make and make great last-minute gifts.

Thanks for sharing your brilliant tutorial with us, Katherine. The felted cherries look super-cute and we will be giving this a try ourselves. Next step… the felted doglets in issue 13 of Mollie Makes

Katherine Jalaty runs an inspiring lifestyle blog called Making Chicken Salad, which is well worth a visit. Take a look at some of Katherine’s other beautiful tutorials – everything from an anthropologie style shower curtain made from a vintage sheet to a crochet rope basket.