How to sew a book cover

Preserve your favourite title with a hand-stitched book cover. Read on for the full tutorial

To celebrate World Book Day, our vintage book covers and journals will be pampered to floral fabric cosies. This easy tutorial from Caught on a Whim makes covering your own notebook a fast and fun project.

Step 1
Choose a bright fun fabric and coordinating embroidery threads.
Step 2
On the wrong side of the fabric, draw lines with a fabric safe disappearing ink marker and a ruler.  You’ll use these as a guide to keep your lines straight when you are stitching your embroidery. I used simple straight lines to contrast the busy floral fabric.

Step 3
Next, stitch along the lines you drew alternating the colors of the embroidery thread you use on each row. I didn’t worry about making the stitches the same length. I think the uneven stitches add more character to the cover.

Step 4
Also, don’t worry about all the little ends of the embroidery thread that you are left with, because they get neatly tucked in when you sew up the edges of the notebook cover. Once you’ve finished the embroidery, be sure to press the fabric, because the fresh embroidery stitches tend to pull on the fabric causing it to pucker a little bit.
Step 5
All that’s left is to sew the notebook together using the clever video tutorial over at Darling Adventures.
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