How to make a felt beard

With mankind buzzing about Movember and Novembeard, we feel the ladies should be able to join in too. Introducing Erin Dollar, the woman who wears a beard rather well. 

Here’s how to make your own woolly whiskers. 



Two 8″×12″ pieces craft felt, any colour
Thread in matching colour
1 yard grosgrain ribbon, cut in half 18″ each

Needle or sewing machine
Straight pins


Notes: This project can be either hand sewn or machine sewn, depending on availability of a sewing machine. If you decide to sew the moustaches using the sewing machine, be extra careful while sewing around the smallest edges… no one likes a sewn finger.

Step 1: Gather materials and set out on sturdy work table. Draw a beard and moustache template on paper to your favoured style and size and cut it out. Something like the above is perfect.

Step 2: Sandwich the two pieces of felt so that they are lined up, and pin the template to the two pieces of felt. Cut out the felt pieces using the template as a guide, which will create two matching pieces of each shape. Remove the template and pin in each like piece together. Set the moustache aside until Step 5.
Step 3: Sew the ribbon ties to the upper right and left corners of the felt beard panel (where they will go over your ears and behind your head), sandwiching the ribbon between the felt layers so the ribbon’s end will be hidden. You can do this by hand sewing with a stitch between the two layers of the beard, or using a machine to sew an X pattern over the ribbon and the back layer of felt.

Step 4: Sew along the outer edge of the larger felt pieces, leaving about 1/8″ along the outside. This secures the two large felt panels that make up the bottom of the beard. This can be hand sewn, or sewn on a machine using a straight stitch.

Step 5: Take the pins out of the larger beard panel. Pin the moustache pieces over the tabs on the beard, making sure to sandwich the tabs on the top of the beard inside each side of the moustache. Try to keep the moustache centered between the two top flaps. Use one straight pin per tab to connect to the moustache. With the moustache pinned in place, sew along the edge of the moustache, taking care to sew securely through all layers where the two panels meet along the tabs. This is a little tricky to do on a sewing machine, but certainly possible.

Step 6: Check for stray threads, trim messy edges, and your beard is all finished! Try on your masterpiece. Add eye patches, gnome hats, or villainous looking tattoos as needed to complete your look.


Erin’s beard shop has now closed, but you can peruse her other rather lovely, less hirsute designs on her Etsy shop, Erin Dollar.