Inspirational embroidered photographs and basic stitch techniques

We love a good mash up of arts and crafts! So we’re taking a closer look at the movers and shakers of embroidered photography, plus we share asuper-useful embroidery stitches guide to get you started

We’re totally obsessing over embroidered photographs; they’ve plunged themselves into the DIY mix and we love their fresh look. Now, as well as adding a filter to our snaps (love a good Instagram sesh), we can pimp our photography with playful embroidery. Everything from the French knot, back stitch and satin stitch can be used to enhance your photographs. For best results use old or black and white photos and colourful floss when creating your very on embroidered photo art. Geometric shapes work best and a few floss rays coming out of your subject’s eyes wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Here’s a look at some of our favourites followed by embroidery diagrams to get you started

[Above] Image source: Mana Morimoto

Embroidered Anna Karina Print by Needlework Seedlings

Image source: Needlework Seedlings

2pac embroiderd photo by

Image source: Mana Morimoto

Embroidered photographs by Laura McKellar

Image source: Laura

Embroidered photographs by Laura McKellar 2

Image source: Laura

Embroidered Photo Art by A Beautiful Mess

Image source: A Beautiful Mess

Floss and Mischief Llama thread art

Image source: Floss & Mischief

Embroidered photo by Jose Romussi

Image source: Jose Romussi

Embroidered photograph by Jose Romussi

Image source: Mirna Huhoja

Beyonce Dazed and Confused cover by Inge Jacobsen

Image source: Inge Jacobsen

Foot in Seeded Grass by Matthew Cox

Image source: Matthew Cox

Embroidered vintage photograph by Itchin Stitchin

Image source: Itchin Stitchin

embroidered strawberries photograph

Image source: Shop Hoopla


Want to make your own? Here’s a super-useful diagram to help you get to grips with basic embroidery stitches. Save the image to your phone or print it out & keep it handy

Embroidery stitches guide


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    What fabric or paper am I meant to print the photo on to, to embroid it