How your kids can style your wedding

Inspired by the Brangelina wedding photos and Angelina’s wedding veil, we take a look at some favourite ways to include your children in your wedding.

Brangelina wedding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Source: Popsugar

They’ve finally done it! After nine years, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have tied the knot in France. Go, Brangelina! We couldn’t help but poke around the web for a glimpse of the bride in her gown (we’re only human after all), and found two snaps on the covers of Hello and People magazine. While most of us would bawl at even the thought of our kids drawing on the walls, Angelina let hers doodle all over her veil! What the what?

Angelina’s wedding dress (stunning, of course) was white and simple while her veil draped over her gown like a sheet of tracing paper, peppered with brightly-coloured illustrations by their six children. Here comes the split second why-didn’t-I-think-of-that moment that leaves us all bamboozled and a little bit jealous. Well, of course! Embroidered motifs designed by your kids stitched onto your wedding veil… no there’s an idea. And a beautiful way to include your children in your wedding!

This got us thinking about other ways to get kids involved, not only as flower girls and ring bearers, but in less obvious ways, too. Weddings are becoming more and more about the meaning and not so much about ‘bigger and better’. Plus, it’s not always only the joining of two people in marriage, but sometimes there’s man, wife and the beautiful children they’ve brought up together, too. Heres a look at some easy ways to include your children in your wedding and of course how to entertain the nippers, too.

1.Engagement photos with kids

engagement photos with kids

2. Kids are brilliant designers! Let them make your wedding invitations, kinda

Kids design wedding invitations

3. DIY ring bearer box little ones can help decorate


4. Family doodle cake topper idea

children drawing cake topper

5. Activity jar for children at your wedding


6. DIY salt dough wedding favours handmade by your kids

DIY heart salt dough wedding favours