How to knit Fair Isle mug cosies

Download the Fair Isle knitting pattern chart here for Mollie Makes 71

Fair Isle knitting pattern - How to knit mug cosies - Mollie Makes 71

Everyone needs an extra woolly layer once those long, dark evenings start drawing in, and mugs full of chocolatey goodness are no exception. Whether you’re sitting round a campfire in autumn or snuggled into an armchair in the middle of winter, use these colourful cosies to keep your drink warm, and make your enamel mugs truly Insta-worthy.

This set uses Fair Isle knitting, which works two or more colours in the same row. Carry the yarn you aren’t knitting with across the back of the work as you go – you can keep one colour in your left hand and one in your right, or hold both yarns in your right hand. However you choose to work, make sure you keep the background colour above the contrast colour to help these stitches stand out. When you’ve finished using a particular shade, cut the yarn, leaving a 10cm (4″) tail, and join a new colour as shown on the chart – don’t carry colours not in use up the side of the knitting, as they’ll distort it.

Download the Fair Isle knitting pattern chart here, then flick to page 20-23 in Mollie Makes 71 for the full instructions.

Project by Rosee Woodland,

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