Virtual Knitting: As simple as pressing spacebar

Knitting Simulator game

Knitting + #makeymakey = the Knitting Simulator 2014.

You might not consider yourself a Gamer, but what if the Knitting Simulator 2014 made its way onto a games console near you? At this year’s Dames Making Games‘ Julivewire Game Jam in Toronto, Kara Stone and Gabby DaRienzo created the Knitting Simulator 2014.

Knitting Simulator 2014

This crafty game is created using your knitting needles as controllers and ‘a combination of MaKey MaKey and an Arduino tilt-switch’ so you can whip up a pixel-art jumper, stitch by stitch. There are 5 designs to knit in total. Does this mean we can technically (ahem) add it to our list of WIPs?

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Download the Knitting Simulator 2014 here (for Mac only)