Look! Books: Indie Craft

This book first called out to me from the heavy set trestle table of the Urban Outfitter’s book dept. It was most unexpected. I had only nipped in for a sneaky late back to work nose at the sale rail, but as I slid along the shiny parke floor I saw the words I’d always dreamt of seeing in the same sentence: indie + craft.

Now, for you die hard publishing fans, who are already saying “this book has been out for while” you’d be right, and we know, but seeing as the Mollie Makes blog launched post it being published, we cannot miss the opportunity to include and express love.

Indie Craft is an inspiring anthology of craftiness showcasing the supercool wave of craft that’s made the world sit up and take note. Written by craft addict, Jo Waterhouse, the book embraces the very best of traditional craft techniques such as crochet, stitching and toy making and reveals how designers from around the world have been using them to create cutting edge and quirky projects.

From the likes of the uber cool Craft Guerrilla, Kate Jenkins’ striking crocheted fish and chips, to our girl Emily Peacock‘s tasty tapestry, the book looks at a wide selection of crafts and makes you want to have a go.

When I first read this book, at the beach actually – ooh get me – I must confess I actually felt quite overwhelmed. What!! No, hear me out. Right from the foreword by Handmade Nation’s Faythe Levine, I felt a mixture of excitement, acceptance, and desperate need to reach out to other like minded crafting souls and a hunger to find my next project. This book was written for me and my crafting sista’s and gone are the days we keep our crafting antics on the down-low but we celebrate them as art and to that we say whoop ya ya!


(N.B Just in case it’s not clear, I love this book)

Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse is published by Lawrence King and is available on Amazon. (ISBN – 978 1 85669 6968)