Make a rosette tutorial

There is something so darn charming about roses, whether they are crocheted, stitched or made from fabric. We’re really pleased to show you today a really lovely tutorial by Linda over at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Thanks Linda.

This lovely little rosettes are so cool and are the perfect adornment for headbands, hair clips or why not make a teeny tiny one and pop it on a ring.





The tutorial is really easy to follow with lots of nice tips for how to make. All you will need is: Strips of fabric Hot glue gun Scissors CRAFT WARNING: If you choose to visit Linda’s blog you MUST be prepared for the following side effects.

  • Total awe
  • Blog envy
  • Strong desire to craft

You will be addicted to these tutorials, it’s called Craftaholics Anonymous for a reason. Good luck xoxo (P.S Please report back your findings, we need to know you are safe)