How to make an anchor purse

Bought your copy of Mollie Makes 71 in ASDA? Embroider and sew Jenny Hart’s exclusive Sublime Stitching anchor motif into a coastal-cool keepsake. Find the templates and instructions for how to make your own tattoo-inspired anchor purse below.

How to sew a purse and embellish with embroidery - Mollie Makes

You’ll need:

• The materials inside your anchor purse free gift from Mollie Makes 71 (for UK readers who bought their copy from ASDA only)
• Library of embroidery stitches

How to make an anchor purse


Step 1
Using a light box, trace the design onto the top half of your fabric, leaving at least 2cm above the design. If you don’t have a light box, tape the paper and fabric to a window pane instead.


Step 2
Outline the design using back stitch. Create a small straight stitch. Bring your needle up a little way along the line, and back down at the end of your previous stitch. Try to keep your stitches an equal length.


Step 3
Use satin stitch to fill larger areas. Work from the middle outward, filling the area with straight stitches. Make sure your threads lay close together to cover your fabric. When one side is filled, go back to the middle and work outward to fill the second side.


Step 4
Once all your stitching is complete, press down 1cm from the two short edges. Machine or hand stitch close to each edge. Fold your fabric in half, right sides (RS) together and stitch along the edges, just underneath your previous stitching (we’ve used dark thread so it’s easier to see).

How to sew a purse and embellish with embroidery - Mollie Makes

Step 5
Using a darning needle or safety pin, thread the twine through the channel at the top of your bag. Clip the corners of your bag and turn RS out. Give a quick press and you’re done.

jenny-hartAbout Jenny Hart

Jenny Hart founded Sublime Stitching in 2001 as a new model for embroidery design and resources. Since then, Jenny has become internationally recognised as an artist, designer, award-winning author and top international exhibitor. Find more of her work at and

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