How to make a crochet dreamcatcher

Crochet doilies and colourful felt feathers make for a vibrant Scandi twist on traditional design. Make your own crochet dreamcatcher in our step-by-step tutorial. Erin Black shows us how…


“Dreamcatchers were traditionally used by The First Nations of North America to protect children from nightmares. I loved the idea of celebrating historical traditions while coming up with something new to crochet.

I decided to add a vibrant set of colours to a Granny-style doily to create a simple, pretty design. Colourblocked felt feathers also add a touch of whimsy. The long adjustable string lets you easily untie and re-tie it wherever you want – hang it from a window, keep it in a nook in your hallway, or display it at your desk. And because it’s so quick and easy, you’ll probably find yourself wanting to whip up more dreamcatchers – luckily your local craft shop should have all the supplies.”

Follow the instructions below to make your own, then share your makes using #molliemakers.

You will need:

• The supplies in your free kit from Mollie Makes 54
• 15m 100% cotton yarn in white
• 3mm (UK10, US D/3) crochet hook
• 10cm (4″) hoop
• Coloured felt
• Feather template
• Yarn needle, for sewing ends

The finished dreamcatcher is 10cm (4″) diameter with a fringe approx. 12cm (4¾”) long.

Tension is not important for this project, just aim for a finish you are happy with.

Abbreviations (UK)
st(s) stitch(es)
ch chain
ch-sp(s) chain space(s)
dc double crochet
ss slip stitch


Round 1 ch8, ss to first ch to form a ring.


Round 2 ch2 (counts as first dc in this round and all following), 15dc in ring, join into the top of the 2nd ch from start with a ss [16dc]


Round 3 ch2, ch3, *miss 1 st, 1dc in next st, ch3; repeat from * to end of round finishing with miss 1 st, join into the top of the 2nd ch from start with a ss [8 3ch-sps]


Round 4 ss into first 3ch-sp, ch2, 3dc in same 3ch-sp, 4dc in each of next 7 3ch-sps, join into the top of the 2nd ch from start with a ss [32dc]


Round 5 ch2, ch6, *miss 3 sts, 1dc in next st, ch6; repeat from * to end of round; finishing with miss 3 sts, join into the top of the 2nd ch from start with a ss [8 6ch-sps]


Round 6 ss into first 6ch-sp, ch2, 3dc in same 6ch-sp, ch2, ss around hoop (note: here and at all ss on this round, hold yarn at back of hoop so when you do the next ch st you bring the yarn over the top of the hoop again, giving it an extra secure join), ch2, 4dc in the same 6ch-sp, ch2, ss around 10 cm hoop, ch2, *(4dc, ch2, ss around 10 cm hoop, ch2, 4dc, ch2, ss around 10 cm hoop, ch2) all in next 6ch-sp; repeat from * to end of round; join into the top of the 2nd ch from start with a ss. Break yarn, fasten off and sew in ends.

How-to-make-a-crochet-dreamcatcher-finishing How to make a crochet dreamcatcher finishing

Cut 12 25cm (97/8″) pieces of yarn and tie each one in half around the hoop to form the fringe. Using the feather template opposite, cut out five felt feathers and attach, with yarn, over the fringe. Make an 80cm (31½”) chain as a tie and attach it to the top of the dreamcatcher for hanging.

Erin-Black-crochet-designerAbout Erin Black

Erin Black has been knitting and crocheting for over 25 years, creating sculptural yarn art that translates seamlessly into classic and modern settings alike.

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