How to make a decorative tea set*

Create collectable ceramics with Teri Muncey’s kitchenware update, in association with Tick Tock Tea

How to make a decorative tea set 3 - Tick Tock TeaHow to make a decorative tea set - Tick Tock Tea

Reinstate the ritual of afternoon tea and make sure you invite all your friends so you can show off this striking set. Made by decorating plain crockery with delicate paper shapes, we’ve used a contemporary palette of ochre yellow, slate grey and pale pink for a twist on mid-century style. You can choose any colour combo you like, but limiting it to just three shades will keep the look fresh.
Once varnished, these pieces are suitable for everyday use, but they won’t be dishwasher-safe. Yes, we know that means you’ll have to wash up, but they’re worth it.

You will need:
• Plain porcelain teapot, sugar pot and milk jug
• Tissue paper
• Scissors
• Porcelain paint
• Clear Mod Podge
• Medium paint brush
• Fine paint brush
• Baking tray
• Gloss varnish

How to make a decorative tea set

How to make a decorative tea set - step 1 - easy DIY - Tick Tock TeaStep 1
Cut long thin triangles in each colour of your tissue paper. They don’t need to be the same size but make sure they are small enough to fit on the tea set comfortably – for each item they’ll differ in size. Save time by cutting through a few layers of tissue at a time.

How to make a decorative tea set - step 2 - easy DIY - Tick Tock TeaStep 2
Use your medium paint brush to paint the back of each strip with Mod Podge. Press the first triangle onto your item, lining up the base of the triangle with the top or bottom of the piece. Repeat, alternating the colours equally and slightly overlapping each one as you go. Work your way around the whole of the item.

How to make a decorative tea set - step 3 - easy DIY - Tick Tock TeaStep 3
Glaze the triangles with more Mod Podge. Cover each triangle right to the edge and leave to dry.

How to make a decorative tea set - step 4 - easy DIY - Tick Tock TeaStep 4
Use the fine paintbrush to paint small dots in a triangle shape. Repeat, spacing evenly along the paper triangles, and leave to dry.

How to make a decorative tea set - step 5 - easy DIY - Tick Tock TeaStep 5
Place your decorated set on a tray and bake for 20 minutes on 120°C/250°F/Gas mark ½.

How to make a decorative tea set - step 6 - easy DIY - Tick Tock TeaStep 6
Once cool, finish each piece with a layer of varnish and leave to dry.

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