How to make a DIY confetti pop

Give your parties a crafty twist with these DIY confetti poppers. Fill a tray with a mixture of colourful papers and ribbon in various stocks and textures then transfer them into your poppers. At the stroke of midnight you’ll be dancing under a confetti cloud of scattered patterns and rainbow palettes. Have fun, makers! 


You will need:

• Coloured cardstock papers in a variety of shades and textures (we used white, fuchsia and gold)
• Paper punches in different shapes (optional – for easier paper cutting)
• Reusable adhesive glue dots
• Scissors
• Fringe scissors
• Plastic push pop containers
• Confetti items to fill it with − get creative here! We used sprinkles, sequins, paper fringe, pom poms, plastic ribbon, paper confetti and die cut papers


Step 1
Gather your supplies. You can decide which colours work better together by placing them in a tray or cupcake tins.


Step 2
Here’s an easy way to make your own confetti. Take the same shimmery plastic ribbon used to tie balloons and cut into miniature squares using scissors. The ribbon is easily available in party supply shops.


Step 3
Next, cut strips lengthwise from your coloured paper. You can use a pair of fringe scissors to make it easier. Then cut the paper strips vertically along the fringe. Cut them as wide as you’d like to make smaller squares or longer, rectangular-shaped pieces. This makes wonderful confetti in a pinch with supplies you may already have in your craft room. Use as many colours as you’d like.


Step 4
Using a paper punch helps cut more shapes in a shorter amount of time. Pick different shapes to create unique confetti – we used a polka dot circle and pretty gold shimmery paper. Remember that the papers don’t need to be the same texture, colour or thickness. Play around with papers you already have to hand (such as envelopes, packaging and magazines) and see how fun they look made into tiny confetti.


Step 5
Now it’s time to fill up your push pop. Pack it in for extra fun!


Step 6
Decorate the outside of the push pop with a paper punch and an embellishment using a glue dot. You can even personalise them for themed parties or weddings.

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