Easter crafts: How to make a floral Easter wreath

Channel your inner florist and make this gorgeous floral Easter wreath in time for the long weekend. Little ones can lend a helping hand by foraging for blooms and foliage in your back garden. Show them how to make the posies while you do the wire work and final touches. Don’t forget to show us your makes using #molliemakers.

floral Easter wreath tutorialfloral Easter wreath tutorial

You’ll need:
• Wire
• Wire cutters
• Foliage
• Meadow flowers
• Gypsophila
• Rose
• Vintage decoration

How to make a floral Easter wreath

floral Easter wreath tutorial

Cut a length of wire and bend around twice into a hoop shape. Twist each end together at the top to create a loop for hanging and snip off any excess.

floral Easter wreath tutorial

Starting with the greenery, place each stem on one at a time, fixing with small lengths of wire. Twist around the main wire hoop to secure.

floral Easter wreath tutorial

Continue with the flowers, finishing with the rose. Cut the stem very short and pierce a length of wire through the thickest part at the back, fixing the wire to the hoop. Add a miniature vintage decoration in the same way.

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