How to make luxe tassel earrings

How to make luxe tassel earrings

Get party ready in an instant with Pauline Hagan’s luxe statement earrings.

Update your wardrobe with a pair of statement earrings that’ll add serious glam to any outfit. Pair with jeans and a cami top for a girls night out, or with a little black dress to welcome in the New Year.

In fact, we can’t think of any clothing combo these tasselled beauties wouldn’t improve – pjs and faux leather earrings, anyone?

These oversized accessories are surprisingly light so you can easily wear them all night long. And, if pink’s not your thing, opt for another eye-catching colour such as mint. Or, pair grey with silver metallic leather for a more muted look that’s just as luxe.

How to make luxe tassel earrings

You’ll need

  • Faux leather
  • Metallic faux leather
  • Earring hooks
  • Two 7mm (¼”) gold jump rings
  • Six 4mm (18“) gold jump rings
  • Gold seed beads, 0.5cm (¼”)
  • Gold bugle beads
  • Fine gold chain
  • Gold jewellery wire
  • Two pairs of pliers
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Awl
  • Strong glue

How to make the earrings

How to make luxe tassel earrings

Step 1

Start by preparing the faux metallic leather triangle for the top of the earrings. Make a paper template measuring 3.5 x 2.5cm (138” x 1″), then trace it onto the reverse of the leather four times. Cut out the shapes either using scissors, or with a craft knife.

Step 2

Cut a second triangle template measuring 2.5 x 1.5cm (1 x 58“), trace it onto the reverse of the pink faux leather four times and cut out the shapes.

How to make luxe tassel earrings

Step 3

Glue the pink triangles onto the centre of the gold triangles, then glue two gold triangles together with wrong sides (WS) facing. Repeat with the other two gold triangles, then leave to dry.

Step 4

Use the awl or a sharp sewing needle to punch a hole at each of the three points of the gold triangle on both earrings, just slightly in from the edge.

How to make luxe tassel earrings

Step 5

To make the tassels, cut two 10 x 7cm (4 x 234“) rectangles from the pink faux leather.

How to make luxe tassel earrings

Step 6

Using a craft knife and a ruler, cut fringing along the short side of the leather rectangles, 1cm (38“) down from one long edge. Our strands are roughly 3mm (18“) wide – if you prefer, you could mark out the lines with a pencil on the WS of the leather before cutting.

How to make luxe tassel earrings

Step 7

Lay the tassels flat, then pick up a bugle bead with tweezers or the pliers and carefully apply a small amount of glue to one side. Stick onto one of the fringes of the tassel, then repeat, scattering the beads randomly across the tassels until you’re happy with the look. Make sure not to stick any beads onto the uncut section of the tassel, then leave to dry.

How to make luxe tassel earrings

Step 8

Cut two 3cm (114“) lengths of gold jewellery wire, then use the pliers to create a small loop at one end, and a hook at the other end. Place the tassel with WS facing up, and apply a dab of glue to the top left hand corner. Press the wire down into it, leaving the loop hanging over the top as shown.

How to make luxe tassel earrings

Step 9

Apply glue along the uncut edge of the tassel, then roll it up tightly, being careful to keep the top of the tassel straight.

How to make luxe tassel earrings

Step 10

Cut four 2cm (34“) lengths from your chain. Open a 4mm (18“) gold jump ring using the two pairs of pliers, thread on the ends of two lengths and an earring hook, and close it. Repeat with the other two lengths and a second jump ring.

Step 11

Thread a seed bead onto each length of chain, then attach the ends of the chain to the tops of the triangles using the other two 4mm (18“) gold jump rings.

Step 12

Using the 7mm (14“) jump rings and pliers, attach the tassels to the bottom of the triangles using the tassels’ hooks to finish.


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