How to make a macramé plant hanger

Dangle potted succulents in 70s neon? Yes please. Make your own macrame plant hanger using our tutorial and brighten up indoor spaces or prettify your front porch. Learn how to make your own with our easy step-by-step tutorial.

You will need:
• Wooden pole ring (28mm)
• Neon pink yarn
• Tape measure
• Scissors
• Plant pot

If you need any help with the macrame knots mentioned check out our library of macrame knots blog post here.

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Make your macrame plant hanger

Step 1

Mollie Makes macrame plant hanger project step 1

Cut four pieces of neon pink yarn measuring 2m each. Fold them in half and take the folded end through the pole ring. Next take the other end through the yarn loop and pull tightly. You now have eight strands of yarn.

Step 2

Mollie Makes macrame plant hanger project step 2
Separate the strands into four sections, with two strands per section. Tie one section into a knot about 35cm (13¾”) down from the pole ring. Repeat with the other three sections.

Step 3

Mollie Makes macrame plant hanger project step 3
Now pair off the left strand from one section with the right strand from the next section. Tie these strands together 10cm (4”) below the previous knot. Repeat with the other three sections.

Step 4

Mollie Makes macrame plant hanger project step 4
Repeat step 3 one more time, leaving 8cm (3⅛”) distance between the knots.

Step 5

Mollie Makes macrame plant hanger project step 5
Tie all the strands together at the base of where the plant pot will be. Cut off the excess yarn to get an even tassel. Then carefully place the plant pot inside the holder and hang it up on a hook. Your macrame plant hanger is finished!

macrame plant hanger instructions

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  • penny_meads

    i’m afraid this doesn’t look like t’shirt yarn! looks like wool. that’s a shame.

    • Lucy

      What I use is “Bonnie Craft Cord”. It is made of 100% polyolefin fibers. It also is fusible. It is available on-line at; They have several sizes and many colors to choose from.

  • MrsCalabash Calabash

    I don’t know why you don’t use inches. I have no idea what 2 m is. I have to read your instructions and jump on google to see how long to cut the yarn.
    Google says it’s 6’ 6.75. I hope I’m right.

    • Ant Druyan

      Most of the world uses the metric system. She wouldn’t use standard measurements if he or she is not from the United States.

      • MrsCalabash Calabash

        If I knew the metic system I would use both measurements in my instructions. Sadly I don’t live in most of the world. I’m in the US
        with the standard math.