How to make a paper flower

Create a pretty paper flower in just 4 simple steps with Erica of Little Paper Flowers.

When Erica got in touch about her paper flowers we were thrilled to hear that she had a simple tutorial to share with Mollie Makes blog readers. In this paper flower tutorial you’ll learn how to make a simple poppy. DIY brides will love this step-by-step as these paper blooms make pretty place cards, centrepieces and, providing you’ve set up a crafty production line in the run up to your wedding, excellent backdrop for Instagramable photo opportunities! Read on to get started…


You’ll need:

  • Hot glue gun
  • 60gsm green crepe paper
  • 180gsm yellow crepe paper
  • 180gsm pink crepe paper
  • White gel pen
  • Wire floral stem
  • Marker (yellow or orange)


Step 1
Cut out a 2 x 2″ green square and draw a white asterisk in the centre. Cut out a 8″ W x 1.125″ H stripe of yellow paper. Colour in edge of one side with a yellow/orange marker. Then with fringing scissors, fringe the side with the marker line down to 1/4″ above bottom. Curl edges.

To curl the edges, lay the fringe along any thin cylinder object such as a writing pen and wrap it over the edge. This will create a curl to the paper.


Step 2
Wrap a cotton ball in a square piece of green paper creating the centre flower bud. Hot glue the bud to the stem. Glue the yellow fringe around base of green bud with curled edges facing in.


Step 3
Cut out nine pink pink paper petals. Petals are roughly 1.5″W x 2″H. Shape petals using both of your thumbs pulling at the centre of petal.


Step 4
Hot glue the petals along base of the yellow fringe and you’re done! All that’s left now are the final touches. We can think of more than just one way to use the pretty paper flowers. As well as using them as place cards, they would make a pretty photograph backdrop, an alternative bride’s bouquet, or pretty hair accessories for your flower girls.

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Erica Worrall image by Antonio WorrallAbout Erica Worrall

After graduating, Philadelphia born and raised maker Erica relocated to NYC and started her career in the art and design world. Making paper flowers is her way of capturing the beauty of blooms forever. Visit her shop, which specialises in customised handmade paper flowers and succulents, for a bouquet of the everlasting stuff or pretty wedding favours, décor and more. Browse her store, follow Erica on Instagram.