How to make a pom pom crown for Red Nose Day

Turn your Red Nose Day accessories into a chic, wearable crown

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We’ve teamed up with designer-makers such as Attic24, dottie angel, Oh No Rachio, Flossie Teacakes, Mr X Stitch and more to bring you the Comic Relief Crafternoon (exclusive to Sainsbury’s, find your closest store with copies), a magazine created to help raise funds for Comic Relief with £5 from every copy sold donated to the cause.

In it you’ll find over 50 easy-to-make projects including the loop stitch knitted beard by Deadly Knitshade as seen on famous faces such as Jenny Eclair, Reverend Kate Bottley from Gogglebox, Miranda Hart, dishy Dermot O’Leary and everyone’s favourite hearthrob and neighbour, Jason Donovan! Here’s a closer look at what else is inside Comic Relief Crafternoon and links for where to get it.

If, like us, you’ve bought more than one Red Nose to support Comic Relief, here’s how you can wear them all at once! In true Mollie-fashion, learn how to make a Red Nose Day pom pom crown that’ll have ’em in stitches.

Red Nose Day crafts

Red Nose Day corwn materials

Step 1
Make a heap of red and white pom poms using one of these gadgets, a fork (we’re very serious) or following the traditional way. We made them in various sizes from small to laughably large. Here’s a free tutorial for making giant pom poms with chunky yarn. Leave the length of yarn used to tie the pom pom as this will be used to secure it to the headband.

Step 2
Lay your headband on a flat surface and arrange your pom poms until you’re satisfied with its comical quality. Using a glue gun, fix your pom poms to the headband then wrap the yarn tail underneath it and secure with more glue. You can glue pom poms on top of each other, too. Try it on for size then add a few more pom poms there, there and there. And there.

Step 3
Place your bepomed headband back on your working surface, gather your Red Noses (available to buy in supermarkets or from the Red Nose Day shop) and position those funny faces all over the place. At the back, too.

Red Nose Day crafts Red Nose Day craftsRed Nose Day craftsRed Nose Day crafts

Step 4
To fix each of your Red Noses to the headband, thread a darning needle with red or white yarn and push it through the bottom of the Red Nose from inside. Now stitch through a pom pom several times or wrap the yarn around the headband (under a pom pom) and secure the with glue. The Red Nose alone will not stick to the headband.

Step 5
Once your headband is completely covered and unrecognisable, zhoosh up the pom poms and swagger through the office or town centre with this desirous make.

To complete the look wear one on your nose!

Red Nose Day crafts

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The-Big-Comic-Relief-Crafternoon-Mollie-Makes-Red-Nose-DayThe magazine, sponsored by Create & Craft TV, is priced at £7.99. £5 from each sale donated to Comic Relief. Get your copy from Sainsbury’s only or download from Apple Newsstand or Google PlayThe print edition is not available overseas.

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