Make your own wall art with Mollie Makes

Make your own wall art - calendar

When we say ‘make your own wall art’, we basically mean use our papers, gifts and projects to decorate your walls because if you’re anything like us, you’ll enjoy experimenting and changing up your art on the regular. And that can be an expensive habit. Instead, we’re opting for swapping in different illustrations and projects that complement the seasons to keep things fresh and new.

So, to give you some wall art inspo, we’ve gathered a collection of pics shared on Instagram by our #molliemakers, using our pull-out papers and gifts in imaginative ways. If you don’t know where to start on your wall art journey, we’d recommend checking out our 65 wallpapers and printing a few to use.

Make your own wall art


Make your own wall art - calendar

First up is @teken_ing‘s fab use of her Good Read illustration. Every issue of Mollie comes with a bonus illustration which accompanies the feature, and Ingrid has made hers into a DIY calendar. Hang yours up at home to stay organised and inspired all year long.

Make your own wall art - paper flowers

Wall art doesn’t have to be just prints or drawings. Every issue of Mollie comes with a creative gift and they can make welcome, colourful additions to your room. @colourfulintuition‘s version of issue 108’s paper flower wall hanging kit brings a bit of sunshine to her office.

Make your own wall art - hoop art

Make your own wall art using the skills you know and love. Embroidery hoops can bring an extra 3D element to your collage – @love.indy has used our embroidery kit from issue 87 as décor on her shelf.

Make your own wall art - prints

@homeatroundwood has totally embraced the make-your-own wall art vibe. Use washi tape and a selection of our illustrations, prints and Good Reads to decorate your walls.

Make your own wall art - winter prints

If you like a more refined approach to your wall art, then why not frame our illustrations and display them in a group? @made_by_asia_wu has used Meera Lee Patel’s illustrations from issue 110 to make her walls more wintery. Swap in summer, spring and autumn prints when the time comes!

Make your own wall art - paper flowers

@acreativeescape has used 108’s flower gift a little differently and we’re here for it. She’s used the individual flowers as wall art, adding a spring touch to her home. These would also make fab décor for any summer parties you have planned.

Make your own wall art - framed prints

For a traditional approach to making your own wall art, pick a series of frames and display your fave prints from Mollie in them. @boolamade has used prints from issues 100, 102, 103, 105 and 108. A true #molliemaker.

 Make your own wall art - embroidery art

If hoops aren’t your style, you can make your wall art by framing your embroidery projects. After stitching it in the hoop, remove it and iron to flatten the creases, then frame like @tobyandsylvester‘s done with issue 106’s gift.

Make your own wall art - framed prints

Another very cute example of Mollie Makes wall art are @michell.kasar‘s framed prints. We love how she’s used Susan Driscoll’s prints from issue 91 along with some of her own.

 Make your own wall art - weave hanging

Finally, add some texture to your walls with weaves. Woven wall hangings and macramé displays look so good hanging in your home, and show off your crafty abilities to passing guests. @woolymary has stuck her version of issue 97’s gift among the greenery.

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