Meet Mollie Makes Handmade Award Winner Hejsan Goods

Sarah Jane of Hejsan Good with bead baskets

We catch up with the winners of the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards who spill the beans on their experience at the event, the best advice from mentors, and what’s next. Turn to page 44 in issue 43 to read more about the day, or click here to get the deats on the winners

Craft desk Hejsan Goods

Our third guest post is by Start Up Award winner, Sarah Jane Brand of Hejsan Goods, who won a day with Etsy to get advice on setting up a shop and tips for marketing her business online. Sarah Jane won the award after presenting the panel with her handmade Swedish beaded baskets and for bringing back the traditional craft. Here’s Sarah Jane on her time at the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards.

Mollie Makes Making It

“It’s hard writing about my day at the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards without sounding like a gushing loon. Words like, amazing, wowee and super AWESOME just don’t cut it because it was a such great day! I was honoured to be shortlisted and presenting my work to the judging panel (may I say, what a panel!) was an extraordinary and formative experience. Best of all, I met such talented, lovely people and they taught me how to Instagram – I created an account and did my first post on the day!

My prize was every bit as good – a day at Etsy’s London HQ. The team shared all their inestimable wisdom and experience; I even got a personalised critique of my Etsy shop! A good day’s work and we definitely earned all those cakes. And cocktails…

Hejsan Good Etsy advice

My favourite Etsy tips:

1. Tell your story

Handmade is as much about the maker as the product. My product descriptions were professional, but impersonal. So I’ve added my story and I’m happier using the word ‘I’.

2. Keywords, keywords, keywords

SO important to help buyers find you. I make Swedish beaded baskets, so these words are in every product title, at the start of my descriptions, in my tags – basically everywhere! Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself and sacrifice poetic titles for keywords.

3. Join a team!

I used Etsy as a marketplace, but I didn’t realise it was also a community. I’ve just joined Glasgow’s Etsy Team and look forward to meeting fellow makers, sharing stories and swapping skills!

Hejsan Goods sketchbook

I love seeing where this basket-making adventure is taking me! I’ve just started a blog and a small jewellery project. And, of course, I’m always designing new basket patterns. My next big event will hopefully be The Handmade Fair in September. Please pop by to say hi – it’s gonna be super awesome!”

Tune in next week to read what Youth Award winner, Carmen Jorissen of Crafty Queens is up to.

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Sarah Jane of Hejsan Good with bead baskets