Meet Mollie Makes Handmade Awards winner Jane Foster

We catch up with the winners of the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards who spill the beans on their experience at the event, the best advice from mentors, and what’s next. Turn to page 44 in issue 43 to read more about the day, or click here to get the deats on the winners now.

Jane Foster | Mollie Makes Handmade Awards winner

Our second guest post is by The Established Business Award winner Jane Foster, a music-teacher-turned internationally acclaimed screen printer, who won a half day mentorship with Lisa Levis, a British textile designer, who dreamt up Betty & Walter back in the autumn of 2011. Here’s Jane Foster on her time at the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards.

“The Mollie Makes Handmade Awards day was fabulous -­ to start with, the venue was superb -­ a bright, trendy sunny space with long benches and tables to sit at. The Mollie makes team were very welcoming and friendly and this was very conducive to mixing with the other crafters and getting to know everyone.

Jane Foster 4 | Mollie Makes Handmade Awards winner

We were treated to lovely coffee, croissants and lunch and when the award ceremony happened later, we were each given a glass of champagne! The day involved spending a lot of time chatting to the others and finding out about different crafts and ideas. We were each given 10-­20 minutes with the panel and I found this the most useful part of the day as I got to show my products but also answer questions on my work and received invaluable feedback and comments.

Jane Foster logo | Mollie Makes Handmade Awards winner

I was absolutely thrilled to receive my prize and hadn’t expected it at all. Although I’ve not had a chance to meet with Lisa Levis, on the day Lisa gave me some great advice: one being to trademark my logo so that no other company can use it.

Jane Foster toy | Mollie Makes Handmade Awards winner

Jane Foster 6 | Mollie Makes Handmade Awards winner

I’ve lots of exciting projects in the pipeline -­ I’ve been working with Keith Brymer Jones on a range of mugs and glasses that are due to be in the shops before Christmas. These have my designs and animals on. I’m also working with him to produce a range of sewing kits in pretty tins. My next book ‘Fun With Craft’ has now been finished and will be out early next year. I’m also working on two children’s books, and moving house (and studio) and will hopefully get back to designing more screen prints and toys!”

Tune in next week to read what Start Up Award winner, Hejsan Goods is up to.

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Jane Foster 2 | Mollie Makes Handmade Awards winner