Modern memory-keeping: Scrapbooking tips for new papercrafters

Want to create your own scrapbook but not sure where to start? We’ve put together a few scrapbooking tips for new papercrafters

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We’ll let you in on a little secret: we love stationery just as much as we love textiles. If you love pretty paper and taking photos as much as the next Mollie, maybe it’s time to start a scrapbook?

You might want to keep tabs on weekly happenings in 2014 or record stand-out moments; perhaps you’d like to print your favourite photographs or gift scrapbook albums to friends; maybe you’re just looking for an excuse to get out the glitter glue (as good an excuse as any!)? But whatever your motivation to get started, take comfort in knowing that it’s no longer considered a dated craft. Thanks to projects such as Project Life, scrapbooking is growing in popularity once again.

So get on it! We’ve put together some top tips for scrapbooking, but remember, it’s about memory-keeping so it doesn’t have to be neat and flawless. Don’t worry if you smudge the ink, cut things skew or take blurry photographs – just have fun! All these quirks are what make your scrapbook totally unique and perfectly you!

Mollie Makes Photography scrapbooking tips

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We adore the Project Life editions by a whole range of talented designers. Although they don’t post to the UK you can always get the digital papers and print them at home as much as you like. Or head over to Studio Calico who do post to the UK. You can also find a great range of scrapbooking papers on Etsy and digital papers on The Lilypad.


Use similar photo treatments for your photographs. Taking pictures on different days in different places with different light sources can make them look disconnected when scrapbooking. Using the same app filters or Photoshop Actions will help unify them. Take tons of photographs even if you don’t use them, that way you’ll have plenty to choose from when you’re filling your pages.

If you’re doing a weekly scrapbook, you might find Collect useful. Collect is a photo app that helps store your images in a calendar format, plus you can add captions to your images as little reminders and details about the photo.

Mollie Makes Photography Project Life Lara Watson

Image © Lara Watson


It’s a good idea to use a small collection of fonts throughout your scrapbook. This will make your work look consistent and bring your layouts together. Choose one for headers; a different, more legible one for your body copy; and one for comments and quotes.

Don’t feel restricted by these tips; they’re just a guideline to finding your own style and scrapbooking quirks. If choosing a collection of fonts or using similar photo filters isn’t your style, that’s totally fine! Just go where your creativity leads you and enjoy every scrapbooking moment.


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