Mollie by name, Mollie by nature

We absolutely ADORE these gorgeous little Mollie flowers as created by the supercrafty Brie over at Little Green – especially loving the name!

Ever since we featured the apple cosies on the cover of issue 1 of Mollie Makes, it seems our readers have gone absolutely crochet crazy. We really are thrilled to hear that so many of you have picked up a hook for the first time to attempt the cosies and even better that you are already hungry for more – hmmm we did warn you*.

*The highly addictive art of crochet is learnt entirely at the risk of the crafter. Mollie Makes takes no responsibility for any addictions that may arise through the posting of these tutorials.






Brie reckons she can whip up as many as 50 in an evening (phewey) but that’s the easy bit. The hard part is deciding what to make them into after you’re done. Why not scatter them all over your bed and lie in them. Er maybe not. But you could stitch them to a pillowcase or make a totally totes cool tote bag.

Let us know what you make!

Walk this way for the Mollie Flowers tutorial. And a mighty fine step by step guide it is too.