Printing My Photos with Xanthe and Susie

Collaboration: something of a buzzword in the creative industry right now and we like it! We believe it brings out the best in people and certainly brands, too. During a creative collaboration we’re channeling our efforts collectively toward growing our audiences, raising awareness and inviting others to share our passion. Together, pro photographer Xanthe and Susan of Old Fashioned Susie are realising such a project called Printing My Photos sparked off at Blogtacular (read more about #MollieCollab here). We hope all happy snappers, ex-Facebook Album creators and those of us looking for a reason to print Instagram photos will join this lovely collaboration. Find out more about #PrintingMyPhotos and how to get involved in our interview with Xanthe and Susan.

Printing Instagram Photos idea -  xantheberkeley_PRINTINGMYPHOTOS_8Photo © Xanthe Berkeley

At Blogtacular Lara and Jess did a talk on finding your voice after which they invited all Blogtacular attendees to take part in a Collaboration Raflle which would hopefully lead to a creative collaboration. And we’re so happy to hear it did with you two!

So, after receiving the Mollie Collab pairing email what happened next?

Xanthe (X): As we live in different parts of the UK it wasn’t possible to meet up, so we started chatting via email after Blogtacular. Susie (S): We fired off emails straight away, brainstorming. I’d have loved to meet Xanthe again face-to-face but it wasn’t going to be possible in the time frame. X: While personal projects tend to be put on the back burner, when there are work priorities, we both stayed on top of communications so we could make this happen.

What was the brainstorming process like?

S: We started off chatting in our emails about things we had in common and discussed what sort of project we thought would work. We both love photography but approach it in different ways. X: An Instagram project seemed to be the obvious route, as we both love it, but I felt there could be something more. During Blogtacular, I was inspired by Anthony Peters‘ keynote speech about his brilliant film – people creating work with their hands and producing something to hold. Something physical. Not just digital content viewed on screen. This brought up so many emotions for me as that’s how I feel about the printed image.

S: As a blogger I found discussing the collaboration with Xanthe (who’s a professional photographer) triggered the photographer in me that I hadn’t really nurtured since being at collage and university. Questioning the point of the photograph. It’s easy to take a snap and share on social, but to take a photograph with a purpose – perhaps for it to be printed out and displayed somewhere – was something that felt fresh again.

Tell us about your collaboration project.

S: #PrintingMyPhotos is about having a moment or a memory in your hand. You’ve made this image and to have it on paper is a completely different feeling to having it on your phone. X: It’s a simple idea – all the photos taken over our summer break with our families will be printed. So by September we’ll have actual hold-in-your-hand memories. S: It’s about getting our photographs out of our phones and cameras and putting them into the real world.

What did you enjoy most about the Mollie Collab?

X: I’m a big fan of collaborations, I’ve worked with many artists on some wonderful projects, they have all inspired my own work. So when I heard that Mollie Makes was hosting one, I had to be a part of it. S: I was so pleased I got paired with Xanthe as I found her a real inspiration during the photowalk at Blogtacular. I also think I needed a challenge such as this to improve my photography and treasure my memories more by printing them out and making them more important than something just inside a digital device.

Your top tip for collaborating with bloggers

X: Be open to see what evolves – stay committed – and do something you love so you’ll enjoy the experience! S: When working with fellow bloggers I think there has to be a real understanding there about the lives of the people involved. Blogs are often something that fits around a full-time job or a full-time family (or both) and the time frames for things can perhaps take longer than planned, but the key thing is not to rush. All parties have to be happy with the collab and that does take time, communication and understanding is key!

Follow the summer #PrintingMyPhotos project on Instagram and for more stories and ideas visit Xanthe here and Susie here.

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Image © Old Fashioned Susie