It’s our birthday!

Today marks our fifth year here at Mollie Makes magazine. Five wonderful crafty years of developing our creative skills – and there’s still so much more to learn. This year our birthday lands smack bang on magazine deadline day, which means right now we’re topping up on coffee instead of cocktails*. Nevertheless, we’ve taken a short break from sending magazine pages to reflect on the day we ‘became a Mollie‘.

A bit like how you can remember exactly where you where when Will and Kate got married (enjoying an extra Bank Holiday, natch!), we can remember the issue on sale the day we joined the team. Below you’ll get a peek inside Mollie HQ and the team’s favourite projects.

How about you, when did you pick up your first-ever copy of Mollie Makes? Tell us when you joined our craft club and became a Mollie using #molliemakers. xx


Cath Dean

“I became a Mollie on issue 64 – I’m still a relative newbie! My favourite cover project would have to be Kirsty Neale’s gorgeous deer hoop art back on issue 56 (pictured above). Even though I wasn’t working on the magazine at the time, it really caught my eye and made me want to try a new craft – exactly what we always want an issue of Mollie to do!

My best-ever day on the job? That would have to be seeing my first issue come back from the printers! I felt really proud and very lucky to work with such a talented team.”


Nikki Arnold
Sub Editor

“I became a Mollie on issue 58.

My most favourite day and moment so far on Mollie was the first commissioning meeting with the Editor. Coming up with new projects for the magazine and collaborating with all of our super-talented designers is the best part of my job. Being able to come up with a concept in an initial meeting and then seeing it come to life through the finished make never gets old!

As for my favourite project: the free fabric bundle and patchwork project book by The Makery (issue 65) is a stand out cover gift for me. Not only does it tap into my love of collecting, but I enjoyed flicking through a stack of fabric swatches and picking out just the right combo for Mollie. To top it off, me and Helena worked together to create an amazing neon sticker for this gift – little things like that is what makes our free gifts really special.”


Helena Tracey
Senior Art Editor

“I became a Mollie on issue 5, the issue with crocheted peas and carrots on the cover, and I immediately knew I was in the right place!

My absolute favourite project is Gretel Parker’s needlefelted dogs in berets on the cover (issue 13). They are so adorable and full of character! When we styled and photographed them we created an intriguing little story even with it’s own French subtitles. It was probably the project I’ve had most fun styling and my favourite photograph I’ve worked on.

My proudest moment on Mollie has to be the day I got to go to the PPA (Professional Publishers Association) awards 2014. I was just bursting with pride to be shortlisted for Designer of the Year. We got to walk down a red carpet to a glittering ballroom and danced the night away!”


Nina Camacho
Digital Editor

“I became a Mollie on issue 19, the one with Katie Shelton‘s woodland hoglet on the cover.

I remember the first week on the job very clearly! At the time we were working on the launch of Gathered by Mollie Makes – a weekly digital magazine – sort of like a mini version of Mollie. One of the first days I took part in creating this excellent launch vid – best day ever!

I’m a fan of practical projects so the woven Christmas stocking by Maryanne Moodie (issue 47) called to me. I’d been coveting that project for a whole year before I finally made it. When I finally did I made not just one but 6 of these showstoppers! I had my whole family (adults included) make the pom poms for their own stockings while I stitched and embroidered them. This project is timeless, practical and way ahead of its time!”


Jessica Bateman
Production Editor

“I joined the team on issue 34, right in the middle of the 2013 Christmas countdown. It was a massive whirlwind of glitter, mince pies and looming deadlines.

My favourite project is probably Karen Hsu’s paper fruit pom poms (make a pineapple paper pom pom here) from issue 42’s World Pomination free project book. This was the first craft project I ever commissioned, and I was so pleased with how it turned out. My favourite day on Mollie was when I delivered a talk on how to cultivate creativity and find your voice at Blogtacular 2015, alongside our ex-ed Lara Watson. Standing up in front of that huge audience was such an amazing buzz and I can’t wait to do something similar again.”


Becki Clark

“I became a Mollie on issue 64.

The crochet jar covers from issue 63 (by Anabela Félix, pictured above) jumps out as my most memorable and favourite project. Of course, the styling of this project has a lot to do with it, but most importantly I think they would look super cute on any shelf. I’m thinking of mixing up the expressions on my jars to personalise them.

I love helping to plan, buy props and style the projects on our monthly photography shoots. And yes, the Mollie Makes prop cupboard is a dream.”


Emma Georgiou
Picture Editor

“I have been with Mollie Makes since the launch issue and my proudest moment was the wonderful reaction to from readers when it launched. It’s such a great magazine to work on, and even now I LOVE getting my issue.

My favourite project was the knitted christmas baubles by Julie and the Knits from issue 46. I love Christmas and these baubles were just gorgeous!”

DIY cross stitch furniture | final1 | headshot | Mollie Makes

Beckie Pring
Client Partnership Manager

I’m an old school Mollie now! I officially started on issue 37 I believe. (The one with the love birds on the front cover!) but I’ve been working a bit behind the scenes since our second year!

My favourite projects of all time are always the furniture ideas. I love the cross stitched table we did a while back. In fact, anything that involves us getting the drill out and then filling the holes with thread gets my vote!

My favourite day on the job has to be presenting the Mollie Mash Ups in 2015. It was really scary but so much fun! I also love being involved in making videos for all the really cool brands we work with. It’s one of those things a lot of people don’t know we do here in Ads land. Everyone on the team has the most imaginative and insane ideas. It can be like working in Wonderland!”

Aw, all the memories! Right, back to our desks now to send the final pages of this issue. Thank you all so much for your continued support and a special thank you to our subscribers – you guys rock! We hope to spend many more years bringing you a mag filled with reads and DIYs so that you can live the creative life you love. Meet back here tomorrow to find out who won all those birthday cards.


*Cocktail hour starts at 5pm sharp! See what we get up to by following us on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to tell us when you became a Mollie using #molliemakers. Have a lovely evening all!

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